Holy Transfiguration Skete

Posted By: Carson Daniel

Holy Transfiguration Skete - 03/04/15 04:57 PM

I just ran across this Skete located in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. What Sui Juris Church does it connect? What can anyone tell me about it?
Posted By: Anna

Re: Holy Transfiguration Skete - 03/04/15 09:27 PM

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St. Nicholas in Chicago.
Posted By: Carson Daniel

Re: Holy Transfiguration Skete - 03/05/15 09:45 AM

Thank you. I thought that they were Romanian but your answer steers me right.
Posted By: Anna

Re: Holy Transfiguration Skete - 03/05/15 10:11 PM

That would be Holy Resurrection in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin.
Posted By: crule

Re: Holy Transfiguration Skete - 06/04/15 08:48 PM


These guys were just featured in a great mini-movie named Gladsome Light.

You can download or stream the film here: http://gladsomelightfilm.com/

I downloaded it a week ago when it was first available and I really enjoyed it. It's got a bit of Werner Herzog's "Into Great Silence" feel to it (also recommended, btw).

$4 to stream and $12 to download your own MP4 copy. Not sure if the movie download helps the monks, but I think it's a nice add to the collection.

God bless the monks of the Society of St John. The world needs monks. They're God's SWAT Team!

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