Posted By: Fr. Al Slovak Slava? - 11/15/15 07:38 PM
I have seen on YouTube a video of Fr. Jozef Tiso(Slovak President 1939-45), Vojtech Tuka,and another official cutting a round bread resembling the kolach used at a Serbian Slava.Can any Slovak or anyone else tell what this is?
Posted By: jova Re: Slovak Slava? - 11/15/15 09:02 PM
It is a frgal
Posted By: Fr. Al Re: Slovak Slava? - 11/16/15 12:27 PM
No,it was not a frgal.It was definitly a kolach such as the Serbs use for the Slava.Btw,the variety of frgal known as zelnik is used by the Macedonians.
Posted By: Fr. Deacon Lance Re: Slovak Slava? - 11/16/15 05:06 PM
Being of Slovak extraction, both Greek and Latin, I am pretty sure it is not Slava. It is likely Pascha bread.
Posted By: Fr. Al Re: Slovak Slava? - 11/16/15 05:52 PM
I can only report what I saw and I'm too technologically challenged to provide a link.It's one of those videos which is objectionable because it does show Nazi symbols and Fr. Tiso shaking hands with Hitler,among other things. It is not necessarily a slava per se,but Fr.Tiso, Tuka, and the third man are individually shown seated at the dinner table cutting into the bottom of the bread with a knife,much like a Serbin priest cutting the kolach.
Posted By: Chtec Re: Slovak Slava? - 11/16/15 09:27 PM
It was (still is?) a common custom among many Slavs (both Orthodox and Catholic) to cut the sign of the cross into the bottom of a loaf of bread before cutting into the bread. It wasn't restricted to special occasions, either.

Fr. David
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