Resources for homeschooling catechesis

Posted By: AdoptedUkie

Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 05/14/17 04:57 AM

Does anyone know of any great resources for homeschooling young children in the Byzantine faith?

I have a rising 1st grader and prek next September and we homeschool. This past year I used some of the printouts from OrthodoxABC.com, some scripture reading together, etc, but this year I am hoping to put together a more concrete curriculum for religion.

For books, I have the following:
Heaven Meets Earth: Celebrating Pascha and the Twelve Feasts-- which flipping through it looks like it will be fantastic for working our way through the liturgical year
From God to You: The Icon's Journey to Your Heart
Pictures of God, also about icons with an intro to some basic concepts of faith.

Unfortunately, since books about Eastern faith concepts seem to be much more expensive than other school books we use-- very hard to find used... (I am a major bargain shopper for homeschooling) I am quickly running out of budget room for religion.

Does anyone know of any great online, preferably free, resources for teaching young children elements of the faith?

I am also looking for any tips or ideas from others about passing along the faith. Honestly, until recently my older one seemed quite bored by the whole thing, but has recently been asking a ton of questions, which has led to some good conversations. I want to tap into that and help her grow spiritually and in love with God so I want to find resources that really inspire instead of just dry recitation of facts, if that makes sense.

Any ideas?
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Re: Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 05/15/17 05:03 PM

Check out www.godwithusbooks.org

Large supply of Eastern Catholic catechetical materials.
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Re: Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 05/17/17 02:39 PM

There are several Orthodox parenting and homeschooling groups on Facebook that work through similar issues. Many of the families involved are large and have tight budgets, so they look for value books as well. One with which I am familiar is "Eastern Orthodox Homeschoolers".
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Re: Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 05/17/17 07:12 PM

I am a member of that group. There is also one for Eastern Catholic homeschoolers...Byzantine Homeschoolers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202240470172742/
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Re: Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 05/17/17 07:23 PM

AdoptedUkie, Here are some resources we've used in our homeschooling which you might be interested in. Most are for younger children, some are geared towards teens.

Give Thanks to the Lord: A Catechism for Children

Bless Us, O Lord: Vol. I-III

Come Bless the Lord Icon Packet

Revelation in Color: The Word of God in Icons

We Return to God: A Manual for Preparing Children for the Sacrament of Penance

A Guide for the Domestic Church

Byzantine Catholic Prayer for the Home

The Living God: Vol. I & II, The Incarnate God: Vol. I & II

The Divine Liturgy Activity Book: A Child's Introduction to the Meaning of the Liturgy

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Re: Resources for homeschooling catechesis - 11/07/17 07:19 PM

I want to bring your attention to the thread I just posted:

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