Posted By: theophan Key West - 07/20/18 12:22 AM
A professional couple, both of whom had jobs that required a lot of travel and time away from each other, decided to take a vacation together to rekindle their marriage. Since it was winter and their home base was Chicago, they decided on a week in Key West.

The man arrive a day early and thought he would email his wife and let her know he was there. But he could not remember her email address.

So he figured he would do the best he could with the address and sent off his message.

Well, the email landed in the account of an elderly woman who had just buried her husband the day before. He was a minister.

In the morning, she opened her account, read what was on the screen, screamed, and fainted onto the floor.

Her daughter ran in from the kitchen where she had been doing dishes to see what was all the commotion.

This is the message on the screen.

"My Darling. Arrived safe and sound without incident. Can't wait for you to join me tomorrow. Boy, is it hot down here!"
Posted By: Fr. Al Re: Key West - 07/21/18 02:03 PM
I shall have to remember to tell that one at coffee hour tomorrow😀
Posted By: theophan Re: Key West - 07/21/18 02:06 PM
Told this one to my pastor and he laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes.
Posted By: theophan Re: Key West - 07/24/18 02:52 PM
Father Al:

Father bless!!

How did that go over?

Posted By: Fr. Al Re: Key West - 08/13/18 06:48 PM
They enjoyed it. Sorry I took so long to answer . I hadn't looked here in awhile. The Lord Bless!
Posted By: Alice Re: Key West - 08/23/18 01:07 AM
I have heard that one before, and it is still funny!
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