Valaam Monastery

Posted By: theophan

Valaam Monastery - 06/21/19 07:07 PM

Glory be to Jesus Christ!!

There was a link on this forum to the seven-part series about Valaam Monastery. I tried to find it on youTube, but there is now a consolidated version that is so dark that the figures cannot be readily seen.

Does anyone remember the links to the originals?

Posted By: Krysostomos

Re: Valaam Monastery - 06/25/19 11:56 AM

Do you mean Valaam in Russia - or Valaam/ Valamo in Finland?!?🤔😁
Posted By: theophan

Re: Valaam Monastery - 06/25/19 01:21 PM

Christ is in our midst!!

The videos are a set of six or seven that detail life in Valaam in Russia.

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