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Parish Life & Evangelization
02/22/19 02:39 AM
I believe Christ the Saviour Seminary in Johnstown has 4 or 5 students
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02/22/19 01:37 AM
Prayers for successful surgery and recovery! (probably having physical therapy at this point).
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02/22/19 01:35 AM
Prayers for continued recovery for your spiritual Father (Bishop).
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02/22/19 01:33 AM
Prayers for peace of mind and soul as you work on obtaining employment. CS
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02/22/19 01:31 AM
I'm glad I checked today. I'll be praying for your mother Patricia's well being, good care by the medical team and return to health. CS
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Town Hall
02/21/19 10:13 PM
2019-02-21 5:11 PM ET - There is still an issue with new registrations. The account is created and shows in the approval queue, but the user sees an error message after clicking "Create Account" and doe not receive the verification email. Investigating, but this may not be fixed today.
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Town Hall
02/21/19 08:46 PM
Well... it's true. It's one of many examples of people being tossed off social media for such posts. You are free to doubt it's truthfulness, but that's your concern.
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
02/19/19 07:58 PM
I don't know for sure,

My guess is that the 16th and 17th Kathismata were wanted on Saturday at Matins, since Psalm 118 (119) is generally prayed at Funeral Matins and Saturday is a day dedicated to the dead (Christ laid in the tomb on a Saturday).
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Faith & Theology
02/19/19 07:55 PM
The Hussites of the High Church party were called "Utraquists" as they offered Holy Communion in both Kinds (they did not impose it on anyone but simply offered it). I've not heard of the case of pope Benedict XIII and will look into it.

Russian Orthodox theologians in the 19th century commenting on Jan Hus held that he and his movement were attempting to return to the Eastern Church tradition that was introduced into Bohemia at the time of St Rostislav who invited Sts Cyril and Methodius into his kingdom. This was taken up by the current Czech Orthodox Church which intends to glorify Hus and his friend, Jerome of Prague, as Orthodox saints, replete with icons and Orthodox liturgical services for July 6th (feast of Sts Jan Hus and Jerome) and also for May 30th, feast of St Jerome of Prague alone. Jerome travelled to Latvia where he was baptized as an Orthodox Christian and his baptismal certificate has been found (this would explain why during his trial for his being complicit with Jan Hus he frequently stated his faith in Orthodoxy and that he dies for the Orthodox faith).

The akathist I wrote to Jan Hus reflects my own sympathy for him and also for private recitation for a number of converts to Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism from Protestantism whose traditions venerated Hus. Some Lutheran pastors in Germany also adapted the akathist to music and used it in their parishes (as they have communicated with me to tell me). The Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko himself venerated Hus and wrote a poem in his honour as a memer of the Cyrillo-Methodian Brotherhood in his day. In the Czech Republic, July 5 and July 6, the feast days of Sts Cyril and Methodius and Jan Hus respectively, are official days off. The cultus of Jan Hus was once very widespread throughout Bohemia and it was said that every second village had a statue of him. So popular was his cult that the Jesuits, it was said, developed the cult of St John Nepomuk to try and offset Hus' celebrations. In 1963, I believe, Rome removed Nepomuk from the universal calendar and left him as a local commemoration only. This is also mentioned in Fr Holweck\s Dictionary of the Saints under "John Nepomuk."

Hus has become less of a controversial figure and I've seen his VITA included in one modern edition on Catholic saints, saying his burning was a "terrible mistake." A similar case is that of the famous Dominican Jerome Savonarola who has always been privately honoured within the Dominican Order. At one point soon after his burning, Dominicans liturgically honoured him and gave him the title of "Blessed" as was the tradition in those days. He is today listed as a "Servant of God" and saints such as St Phililp Neri and St Catherine of Bologna privately venerated Jerome. One of Jerome's disciples, Maximos the Greek, left Florence in disgust following the horrific martyrdom of Savonarola and went to Russia where he became an Orthodox monk. He got himself into hot water when he sided with the Old Believers in the Nikonian controversy and was imprisoned. While in prison, he wrote the Canon to the Holy spirit which the Orthodox Church still uses today
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Church News
02/19/19 07:31 PM
Many Years ! (Excellent choice)

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Church News
02/16/19 10:06 PM
Not for Latin Catholics in the United States for many years.
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Town Hall
02/15/19 04:02 PM
Have not seen this before,but it's funny and wonderfully honest.
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The Other Sacramental Mysteries
02/15/19 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by theophan
Christ is in our midst!!
I think you miss the point of the question.
I did not and am not addressing the question " Can You Baptize Yourself?" but the quote explicitly given:
Originally Posted by RyanOwens
Theophan is correct: one must possess the Spirit to transmit the Spirit, which is the act of Baptism.

Originally Posted by RyanOwens
... one must possess the Spirit to transmit the Spirit,...

Originally Posted by theophan
While I agree totally with the citation from the CCC, the citation assumes that the one doing the baptizing is himself already baptized

Actually, just the opposite:

1256 The ordinary ministers of Baptism are the bishop and priest and, in the Latin Church, also the deacon.57 In case of necessity, anyone, even a non-baptized person, with the required intention, can baptize58 , by using the Trinitarian baptismal formula. The intention required is to will to do what the Church does when she baptizes. The Church finds the reason for this possibility in the universal saving will of God and the necessity of Baptism for salvation.59
[emphasis added]

... In case of necessity, anyone, even a non-baptized person, with the required intention, can baptize...
[emphasis added]

Originally Posted by theophan
Put another way: Can I invite myself to Thanksgiving dinner at the White House just because i want to do so? (Let me know how that works next November.)
No need to wait until November, it's a poor analogy for baptism. And actually, regarding inviting, since we no longer enforce the Disciplina arcanii, anyone can attend the Eucharist-Divine Liturgy-Mass, uninvited (save by God's grace) to a thanksgiving (eucharistic) meal.
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
02/11/19 02:11 PM
In our community the families with small children gather at the front of the icon screen and the children and their parents kiss the gospel book after the reading of the gospel. Here are some pictures from our liturgy this week (we have Typika with Holy Communion on alternate weeks).
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Scripture and Patristic Writings
02/10/19 12:39 PM
This is fascinating: a visual image of the 63,779 hyperlinked verses in the Bible. What other book refers to other parts of itself forward and backward, so many times?

The First Hyperlinked Text: The Bible and its 63,779 Cross-References

[Linked Image]
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Town Hall
02/08/19 03:02 AM
We homeschool and I want to do some reading with my daughter to help her prepare for making confession.

I would also like to nurture the spiritual lives of both my children by deepening their understanding of Holy Communion (Of course we regularly talk about what an incredible gift it is, that Christ gives himself to us, etc) but if you have any books recommendations written from an Eastern perspective it would be super helpful. Children's ages are 7 and 5, but they can sit well through longer stories so something geared towards later in elementary school is fine, too.

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Town Hall
02/05/19 03:40 PM
No. Totally different person.
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Church News
02/02/19 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by dochawk
bumbling around the the back of my crafty mind is a notion that *someone* should put Rome to the test on it's First Millennium overtures and appeal to Rome . . .

Bumbling around in my old mind is the question: Why?
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The Christian East & West
02/01/19 02:50 PM
Found this Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav to be most beautiful and enlightening. Sancta Sophia
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Town Hall
02/01/19 02:33 PM
Got it. One learns something new every day! Thanks.
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02/01/19 12:15 AM
I, too, was not able to login yesterday, but wish Father Anthony "Many Years" in his service to the Lord and His Church.

Asking, too, Father Anthony, for your blessing.

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The Kliros
01/31/19 07:51 PM
Thank you.

There is a much longer poem title "Easter Even" which fits the melody of the third stasis of the Lamentations and covers many of the same sentiments. (Yes, I will digitize and post later!)

What we won't know this side of the Kingdom is how an Episcopal clergyman born in Maine in the 19th century, and who lived in LP Michigan decades before any Orthodox communities could have assimilated both Orthodox theology and Orthodox hymnody.

God the Holy Spirit be praised!
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01/29/19 04:11 AM
A little update....
One of the medical issues I was concerned about has turned out to be 'stable' and I'm doing pretty well. So, I'm grateful for that. It's something that requires lifetime monitoring/testing, etc. I will have to deal with a number of other medical issues but I'm just taking things one step at a time.
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The Christian East & West
01/23/19 08:37 AM
I would like to know if you have heard about the Syro-chaldean group called Missionaries of the compassionnate heart of Jesus in the Philippines?

How do you think about that group in term of legitimity or apostolic Roots? Thank you
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