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New Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church is elected

Peć, Serbia - On 22 January 2010, the Episcopal Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church elected a new Primate. Bishop Irinej of Niš has become the Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch.

The elections were held in compliance with the procedure stipulated in the Statute of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The members of the Council chose three candidates by secret ballot, and then the Patriarch was elected by lot.

Bishop Irinej of Niš (secular name Miroslav Gavrilović), now the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, was born on 28 October 1930 in the city of Čačak. He received theological education at the Prizren theological seminary, at the theological department of Belgrade University, and at the post-graduate courses of the theological department of the University of Athens. His education having been completed, he became the head of a monastic school at the Ostrog monastery, and later was appointed rector of the Prizren theological seminary.

He was tonsured by His Holiness Patriarch Herman of Serbia at the Racovica monastery in 1959 and ordained hierodeacon the same year. On 14 July 1974 he was elected Bishop of Moravicí, a vicar of His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia. Bishop of Niš from 1975.

He paid his last visit to Russia in January 2008.

Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead!

My soul, O my soul, rise up! Why are you sleeping? The end draws near, and soon you will be troubled. Watch, then, that Christ your God may spare you, for He is everywhere present and fills all things.

From the Great Canon of Andrew of Crete

Wisdom from the Church Fathers

"In the matter of piety, poverty serves us better than wealth, and work better than idleness, especially since wealth becomes an obstacle even for those who do not devote themselves to it. Yet, when we must put aside our wrath, quench our envy, soften our anger, offer our prayers, and show a disposition which is reasonable, mild, kindly, and loving, how could poverty stand in our way? For we accomplish these things not by spending money but by making the correct choice. Almsgiving above all else requires money, but even this shines with a brighter luster when the alms are given from our poverty. The widow who paid in the two mites was poorer than any human, but she outdid them all."

St. John Chrysostom
You are here: Home News News News of the Christian East New Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church is elected