Website Maintenance is the midst of software upgrades. Until we're done our layout might look messy and keep changing! - 9 May 2011, 10:03 - Today we can see very clear indications that they try to impose on us strange views, blur the Ukrainian conscience in order to subdue us again, Cardinal Lubomyr (Husar) said in an interview to

“It is important for us to remember the experience of many centuries of the struggle of our nation for freedom, which they now want to deny us. The Ukrainian Cossacks, Mazepa, the figures of the national revival of the 19th century, they all and many others in different ways defended our dignity, our right to be an independent people. In this sense, we can call them all 'nationalists' in the good, authentic meaning of the word," stressed Cardinal Lubomyr.

"Nationalism is not chauvinism. Chauvinism is when you love only what is yours and hate anything that belongs to other people. To be a patriot means to love your own nation and also respect others, other nationalities. Therefore, true patriots who consider themselves nationalists are those who are able to love what is theirs without hating what is other people’s, to defend their own rights without encroaching on the rights of others,” added the cardinal.

As for WWII, Cardinal Lubomyr stressed that Germany was the first to attack the Soviet Union in 1941. But before that, there was an agreement made between Hitler and Stalin, the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Therefore, to say today that only the Nazis were to blame for the instigation of the bloody slaughter is nonsense.

"One cannot forget also that in 1945, the victory over Nazi Germany was won jointly by the participants of the Anti-Hitler Coalition and not just USSR…But it did not mean the end of bloody, troubled times for the Ukrainian nation.

"The reign of one inhuman regime was replaced by another one, which was probably even worse!  We continued to defend ourselves, our right to existence and even today we are still defending the conscience of our identity," said Cardinal Lubomyr in the interview.
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