Italian-Greek Catholic Church
51 Redgrave Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10306-3620 - U.S.A.

Our Lady of Grace Society

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Our Lady of Grace Italo-Greek Catholic Mission & Society 2019

  • Rev. Archdeacon John DeMeis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Patrizio Foley, President
  • Salvatore Lagatutta, Vice President
  • Vincent Romano, Secretary
  • Enola Romano, Assistant to Secretary


  • Rev. Fr. Nicholas Daddona
  • Rt. Rev. Archmandrite Paul G. Frechette
  • Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Joseph Lee
  • Rev. Fr. Augustine Serafini
  • Rev. Fr. Deacon Thomas Stadnik, Nomikos (law)

Advisory Council

  • Dr. Richard Baldi, PsyD
  • Dr. Thomas Bird
  • Prof./Cav. Philip DiNovo
  • Prof. Joseph Varacalli

     The purpose of the Italian Byzantine Rite Catholic Mission of Our Lady of Grace is the re-establishment of the Italo-Greek and Italo-Albanian Rite in the United States of America. It is heir to a parish society of the only Italo-Greek Church to have existed on the North American Continent.

      Its pastor was the late Papas Ciro Pinnola. He arrived in New York in 1903. Our Lady of Grace Chapel was begun on Pascha Sunday, 1904, the society in 1947, one year after the passing of Papas Ciro Pinnola. "Memory Eternal". (Since our Bishops are in Italy and Greece, we are under the omophor of the Roman Archbishop of New York.)


      Our Lady of Grace Society sponsors an Italo-Greek Divine Liturgy, usually held on the first Sunday of each month. For more information please email to confirm time and locations. A sincere invitation is extended to all the faithful interested in sharing fellowship and worshiping.



Italo-Albanian Byzantine Church  Italo Bizantino
Italy's Byzantine Catholics


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Note: Liturgy as scheduled:
Holy Spirit Chapel
Graymoor Monastery
Garrison, New York

Please always email in advance to verify exact location and times.
This Address is Used for Mailing Only. Divine Liturgy and Mission Activities are Not Held at this Address.