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Welcome to Saint Louis Byzantine Catholic Parish. As you browse our site, you will discover what is here for you. Of course, to truly appreciate the Liturgy you must leave this site virtually, and actually step into our Church for the Divine Liturgy Saturday at 6:30 pm. Through all your senses you will experience the Liturgy...the fragrant incense, the colorful icons, the sounds of praise, the movements of worship and the sweetness of the Lord.
Iconostasis Icon of Jesus Christ Iconostasis Icon of John the Forerunner
We are honored to be served by 5 local area Priests:
Rev. Joseph Weber, Our Parish Administrator. His home Parish is St. Monica Catholic Church, Creve Coeur, MO.
Rev. Paul Niemann. His home Parish is St. Pius V Catholic Church, St. Louis, MO
Rev. Steven Hawkes-Teeples, S.J.
Rev. James Deshotels, S.J.
Rev. James Dominic Rooney, O.P.

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