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Re: UGCC to adopt Gregorian Calendar Devin1890 02/07/23 12:37 PM
Any word if the Eparchy of Mukachevo will also go to the Revised Julian Calendar/Gregorian Calendar as well?
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Re: Prayer for my mother's repose Alice 02/07/23 11:10 AM
Thank you so very much Alex for your comforting words.
From the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you.πŸ™
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Re: For the victims of the earthquake in Turkey & Syria Alice 02/07/23 11:06 AM
My heart is breaking for my Turkish and Syrian brothers and sisters. I am praying and praying. How can their souls endure this pain and devastation? Only with God, so I continue to pray. πŸ™
Lord have mercy! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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Re: Do eastern Catholics venerate all the saints Rome canonizes? Orthodox Catholic 02/07/23 03:08 AM
Dear Giovanni1,

Most saints in both East and West tend to be local in terms of their veneration. Rome even allows for the veneration of Beati or Blessed persons whose cultus is NOT approved by Rome or who are not in the Roman calendar of saints.

St Constantine the emperor is a case in point. He truly is venerated in some areas of Italy and Spain but not in the universal Latin Church. In the Byzantine church, one would scarcely be able to find a parish where the icon of Sts Constantine and Helen does not figure prominently.

So it really isn't a matter of who is or is not in heaven. It is a matter of which saints are most relevant to particular Churches and religious communities which accounts for their specific cultus in them.

The rule is that only local or Particular church authority may approve the liturgical veneration of saints and which are to be listed in their respective calendars.

Universally though, as Father Sergius Keleher reiterated to me on many an occasion (+memory eternal!) , "We don't question each other's canonizations."

When the Kyivan-Ruthenian Church came into communion with Rome in 1596, the only saints the members of this Church could honour from their Orthodox patrimony was Sts Boris and Hlib. Only later were others brought in.

The Roman Calendar today lists them in its calendar by their baptismal names "Sts Roman and David." Also Sts Volodymyr and Olha are listed as "Sts Basil and Helen." And of course Sts Anthony and Theodosius of the Kyiv Caves Lavra.

When St John Paul II beatified Bl John Duns Scotus OFM, this particular saint had already enjoyed a local cultus in Italy for a few hundred years, having been beatified by the local Italian bishop . . .
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Re: Prayer for Forum Member, Mary Anne J Michael 02/06/23 11:16 PM
Lord, have mercy.
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Re: Message from Patriarch Sviatoslav Orthodox Catholic 02/06/23 10:10 PM
Members of the UOC-MP have been found complicit in military and political chicanery during this genocidal war by Russia on Ukraine.

Those members should and must be arrested and taken out of commission - returned to Russia perhaps.

It is also time for Byzantine and Roman Catholic Americans to wake up to the political realities being perpetrated by the Moscow Patriarchate, before and now.

It is a major problem for worldwide Orthodoxy which will only be resolved by the Russian Orthodox church at some future time when it will be able to cleanse itself of the FSB tinge.

What I also find deeply offensive is how some talk about the Russian invasion in terms of a conflict of Russia vs the West - as if the Ukrainian people aren't present in the whole ugly situation.

They ARE present and they are fighting for their existence right now. Happily the West is helping them overcome the evil that has befallen them.

There can be no peace without truth and justice - and reparation by Russia to Ukraine for some time to come.
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Re: UGCC seeks the right to serve in Pochayiv Lavra. Orthodox Catholic 02/06/23 10:03 PM
Certainly, when the Pochaiv Lavra is returned to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church in Ukkraine), it is a certainty that the UGCC will be able to serve Liturgies in a designated part of the monastic complex.

The Pochaiv Lavra belongs to both the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic traditions. It is popular among Latin and Armenian Catholics as well.

These are all spiritual children of the Most Holy Mother of God! Let them all come to their Mother!

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Re: St. Ignatius Orthodox Press: Holy Psalter J Michael 02/06/23 04:38 PM
I've been using this Psalter since Christmas. The modern English takes a little getting used to (I'd been using the HTM Psalter for some time previously), but it flows very well. I really like and appreciate the prayers at the end of each Kathisma, something the HTM lacks. Those prayers are simply...wonderful! The font size is better, imo, than that of the HTM which I found quite small for my old eyes. This Psalter also has a number of other "extras", like an "Introduction To The Psalms" by St. John Chrysostom, the 9 Odes + Odes 10-14, the Eclogarion, Prayers for Special Vigils, etc.

I'm certainly no expert and am rather new to a systematic reading/praying of the Psalter, but I'd highly recommend this one!
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Re: Robbery thwarted by Brave Nun, Buffalo NY! theophan 02/06/23 02:50 PM
Christ is in our midst!!


The poster you refer to continues to post without thinking. The poster also continues to pretend to teach others in other parts of the forum and has been admonished by more Moderators than me. I mentioned above that this person had posted a huge video of the same topic as the previous thread, taking up a lot of bandwidth. That is the reason I made the comment that I did.
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Re: St Blaise Fr. Deacon Thomas 02/06/23 01:03 AM
Thank you!

Copied and saved.
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Originally Posted by ajk
It must be noted, however, that while the timing, the linking of Passover and Unleavened Bread is explicit, the choice of the Sabbath and thus the "morrow after the sabbath" in the Leviticus passages is not explicit. This is true for Luke's account in Acts. Our liturgical year interprets that "morrow" as Pascha, and this was and is a common interpretation in Jewish practice also.
According to Josephus Antiquities 3.250/3.10.5 the sheaf was waved on the 16th of Nisan:

Originally Posted by Josephus
On the second day of Unleavened Bread, that is to say the sixteenth, our people partake of the crops which they have reaped and which have not been touched till then, and esteeming it right first to do homage to God, to whom they owe the abundance of these gifts, they offer to Him the first-fruits of the barley in the following wise. After parching and crushing the little sheaf of ears and purifying the barley for grinding, they bring to the altar an assaron for God, and, having flung a handful thereof on the altar, they leave the rest for the use of the priests. Thereafter all are permitted, publicly or individually, to begin harvest. Moreover, besides the first-fruits of the crops, they offer a young lamb as a burnt-offering to God.

In modern Rabbinic Judaism the counting of the Omer begins after sunset on the first day of Unleavened Bread, i.e. at the beginning of the 16th of Nisan. I am informed by a footnote in the Loeb Classical Library edition (from which the translation has been taken) that the Karaites begin counting the Omer on the Sunday of Unleavened Bread, but I have not confirmed this.
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Re: Jihadist kills priest in Spanish Catholic Church Alice 01/26/23 05:09 PM
Lord have mercy!
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Scripture and Patristic Writings Jump to new posts
Orthodox books translated in English Ecaterina 01/24/23 08:29 PM
To whoever it may concern, an Orthodox ministry that translates Orthodox theological and prayer books in English.
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Re: Which Rite am I? ajk 01/23/23 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by Utroque
You, however, in virtue of your father's Church affilation were of his Church that uses the Byzantine rite, but had to go through the canonical procedure to change to another Church sui juris that uses the same rite. Did I get that right?
Yes, that's correct.
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Re: Resignations and Appointments Jan 23, 2023 Devin1890 01/23/23 05:58 PM
I am not in the Eparchy of Parma, but at least from the online view, Bishop Lach appeared to be an active and holy man. So, it appears Parma lost a good one (though anyone who actually lives in the Eparchy can correct me if I am wrong). But it makes sense that Bishop Lach would want to return home.

Unfortunately, there really aren't any native priests to spare to be consecrated to the Episcopate. Thinking outside the box, perhaps it would be best for the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh and the Eparchy of Parma to merge. Or perhaps more drastic, have the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh merge with Passaic and then have the eparchies of Parma and Phoenix merge. Certainly not ideal, but the Eparchy's are so large now as they are, Bishops really don't get to travel and visit and parishes that often anyway. And the total population of the all the eparchies combined is just shy of 100,000 which is less than many Roman Catholic diocese with just one Bishop and no auxiliary.

Again, ideally, we would have plenty of priests with some to spare to be consecrated as bishops, but this is not the case.
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Reconciling my Latin mind Edward H (Irish_Ruthenian) 01/21/23 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by theophan
Christ is in our midst!!

There is a YouTube talk about 8 1/2 minutes long by a Father Spyridon, a priest-monk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. It gave me some food for thought. He makes the point that where Heaven will make our humanity complete and more than is possible here, Hell makes the opposite of us.


Very interesting. In a sense, could you perhaps (my personal theologoumenon here) that hell begins here on earth because we are A.) separated from God B.) not really human in the fullest sense that God intends for us, and C.) suffering many and various torments because of A and B.

Just a thought.
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Town Hall Jump to new posts
Re: Catholic priest burned to death in Nigeria Fr. Deacon Thomas 01/20/23 01:28 AM
Holy New Martyr Isaac, intercede for us!
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Grapple with theological concepts Christbearer25 01/19/23 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Edward H (Irish_Ruthenian)
[quote=Christbearer25] Thank you both Giovanni1 and Utroque for your comprehensive explanations and links to some puzzling issues in the church.

but rather we believe in PURGATION of all that is not like Christ. Every one of us, even the best of us, will have something within that needs purging so that we can become like Christ. In Orthodoxy, this is called THEOSIS, and it is a life long process of removing from ourselves that which is not like Christ - our passions, our sins, our faults, etc. After death, we enter into the very presence of Christ and the FIRE of HIS LOVE is what finalizes the purgation and makes us fit to be partakers of His love and in union with Him.

I am thrilled ☦ Orthodoxy believes in PURGATION...something equivalent to purgatory, but different name. We all have sinned badly and in need of either. Notice the only church β›ͺthat does not believe/promote purgatory or purgation is modern churches that were not founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Depending upon the degree of passions and the tenacity with which we hold to our sins, this will be painful. The more sin, the more pain. Think of it like surgery - the deeper the wounds, the more painful the recovery will be. This is the difference between East and West - medicine (painful at times) to heal, vs punishment until expiated.

If you study the saints' life, their life was filled with bad/evil past. I strongly believe that people who suffer the most, have big ministry and God wants to use them abundantly.

Once again than you Edward H Irish Ruthenian. Our Christian faith is SO rich, and filled with so much....that sometimes I feel we fail to appreciate the treasure we have AND thanks to you Edward, I learned something NEW today.....PURGATION!
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Re: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Utroque 01/18/23 10:00 PM
I do pray you get the oportunity!
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Re: Role Reversal Christbearer25 01/18/23 01:59 AM
I hope this is not too late, chooch factor,

Byzantine rite is more about images or icons rather than statues. The "Jesus Prayer" is the staple food of orthodoxy, a very simple, small, repetitive, yet profound prayer that is prayed with a rope.

You need to invest in the following which can be mostly found on amazon:

1. a number of icons, candles, with specific quiet corner for them to pray. Icons can be pricey, so shop around
2. prayer book of ☦ and the Rope for Jesus prayer
3. familiarize yourself with saints and early fathers of the early church or buy a book about saints of that era
4. google is your best friend when looking for something, really filled with tutorials to your heart's content

Depending on what service you attend, if it's fully Byzantine, expect lengthy service starting as early as 8:15 am starting with Ortho, followed by Divine Liturgy for an hour or so. Expect to be standing most of the time. No kneelers. When kneeling, you simply have to kneel on the floor.

If you attend Byzantine Catholic, then the Liturgy will last only one hour more or less. The church usually combines aspect of Both the Catholic and the Orthodox church with both statues and icons, kneelers, Rosary prayers, novena. Really beautiful combination marriage between Orthodoxy and Catholicism at its best.

Blessings on your spiritual quest!
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The Christian East & West Jump to new posts
Re: Latinizations in the Malabar Church. And it's Future. Michael_Thoma 01/17/23 05:27 PM
They are celebrating a latinized form of the East Syriac liturgy, which has been restored over decades - however some clergy choose to include more Latinizations than others. The division isn't just latinizers vs Easterners, there are also Indianizers and modernizers in the mix. This last group wants a modernized liturgy - which to them usually mimics the Novus Ordo style. Additionally, there's a smaller group that wants an "indigenous Indian" liturgy - whatever that is. And Lastly among all of the non-Eastern minded, there are some who incorporate a charismatic mode - which is antithetical to anything Eastern at its core.
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Prayer Jump to new posts
Re: Prayer for my husband George Alice 01/16/23 04:28 PM
Praying that God will grant health to George and enlightenment to his physicians.
I know how utterly difficult a time this can be. Thank God for the blessing of your daughter.
Through the intercessions of his patron saint, the awesome Saint George, and our blessed Mother of God, may God hear our prayers for your husband.
Lord have mercy. πŸ™
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Old-Ritualists Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Priestless Old Believers Worship Question? Fr. Deacon Lance 01/16/23 01:52 PM
The services of the Horologion
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Roles and responsibilities of the subdeacon Fr. Deacon Lance 01/16/23 01:51 PM
1. Whatever he is assigned
2. Canonically? no
3. That would depend on the bishop
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Pope Benedict XVI on Purgatory Ruthenian1988 01/16/23 08:04 AM
The dogma of purgatory is that there is a state of transition after death, and prayer is efficacious for souls during this transition. Anything beyond that is speculation. I wish Rome would drop the medieval notion that God torments souls with fire to purge them from the stains of their sins, sins already absolved from in confession. It's patently absurd.
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