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Re: Canon 6 of Nicea Orthodox Catholic 09/27/22 06:41 PM
Dear Andrew,

Dialogue is always good. Styles of the Petrine Ministry can change and have changed. That is no "heresy." The Monothelite heresy - well, the entire Church signed onto that.

Today, Orthodox theologians engaged in ecumenical dialogue with their RC counterparts tend to agree that they believe the same things (so said the Ecumenical Patriarch at one point).

There were more heresies espoused in the East than at Rome - an historical fact, also because the East was theologically vibrant long after Rome was relegated to the (important) role of ecclesial-imperial referee.

And do you think there are no issues within Orthodoxy? Have you been following the news? There is a schism between Moscow and Constantinople going on right now.

What do you think of the current patriarchal incumbent in the Russian Orthodox Church?

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Re: For Victory in Ukraine Fr. Deacon Thomas 09/27/22 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by Utroque
Then there's the prayer of the Patriarch of Moscow for those mobilized. Makes me think of the poet, Willam Stafford, who wrote in a little poem called "Religion Back Home": Our Father Who art in Heaven can lick their Father Who art in Heaven.

Or Mark Twain's "The War Prayer" []
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Town Hall Jump to new posts
I have seen that article and I have read about the new cathedral honoring the patriotic wars of Russia's past.

This is the kind of stuff that grows in a nation that mixes religion and nationalism. It is not new in history and it will not disappear, it just rears it's ugly head from era to era. Hitler and his henchmen wanted to morally legitimize their fascism with a belief in the heroic gods of Norse-Germanic mythology. Hitler hated Christianity as a superstition of the weak. In Russky Mir, christianity is elevated from weakness to the heroism of nationalism.

The scary part is....this can happen to any nation, any people. All it takes is a charismatic leader and a religion anxious for power. Before you know it, civil laws become moral laws, and if you disagree, you are against "making the nation great again."

***(This is not to take anything away from the sacrifices endured by the Russian people during WW II. Their memory will be eternal)
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Re: St.Athanasius of Alexandria on Papacy Andrew_the_Ascetic 09/27/22 01:44 AM
I am not sure how you can say this...The Bishop of Rome was not the ultimate "referee" as you are stating. The "pope" was not the emperor or president of any of the first 8 Ecumenical Councils and the Bishop of Rome was deposed 2 in 2 different councils alone. An overwhelming amount of Church Fathers believed that no one was above the Councils (including the Bishop of Rome which even St. Augustine and many others agreed with) and it was so prevalent that no one even argued with it or talked about it. It was not until 382 that someone claimed Matthew 16:18 as papal supremacy. Even after that, they did not follow it or even talk about it at any of the councils for the next 600 years. Things did start to reform in 1082 with Gregory the VII but even before this and after this many heresies and errors were made by the papal office. I am a Catholic but am not sure how to get over this problem. You cant just say "it was" when it wasnt in history....

I welcome a dialogue on this
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Re: Kid’s Books Hutsul 09/27/22 12:06 AM
Not at the moment, sorry. Most of my religious teaching experience was with teens.
But, good luck to you, I am sure what you need is out there somewhere...........
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Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church in Astoria Giovanni1 09/26/22 03:06 PM
Somewhat recently, the parish had discovered that the gas does not work at all, and thus the parish festival had been cancelled and the pastor thinks that he will only open the parish for Sunday and feast dau liturgies during the winter months. Estimates to fix the gas have been around $200,000 and this is seemimgly too much for an about 15-35 person attendence per weekend.

Please pray that somehow the parish would raise the money necessary.
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Re: Role Reversal theophan 09/25/22 02:18 AM
An alternative view of the question; rather than delving into spiritual matters or theological matters explicitly, what we’re some things that may have required an “adjustment period” for anyone who has transferred Rites that you hadn’t thought of before you transferred? How have you changed your spiritual practice at home to accommodate more limited liturgical services and how (if at all) have you transitioned kids who are old enough to recognize the departure into the Byzantine Rite from the Latin Rite? How has your spiritual practice at home changed?
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Church News Jump to new posts
Re: Assyrian Church of the East and Ancient Church of the East Orthodox Catholic 09/23/22 02:06 AM
There should be no real problem for the Assyrians to reunify as there is no real dogmatic difference involved here.

Reunion involves more than the wish for organizational, sacramental or faith-based agreements. It has more to do with a sense of compunction on the sides seeking reunion in the first instance. Historically, it involved the repentance of those individuals or churches that were excommunicated. Today, the tendency in ecumenical talks is to see everyone as having sinned for being in a state of mutual excommunication.

That is fine as far as it goes but it should not gloss over the real doctrinal differences that gave rise to the separation in the first place.

At the same time, both sides or all sides should be willing to come to a better understanding of each other's positions to determine if, in fact, the heresies condemned are really the positions maintained by the others.

The situation with the Assyrians dates way back to the time of Emperor Justinian who wished to come to a religious settlement with the Miaphysites or Oriental Churches for the sake of unity of the empire.

An amateur theologian, Justinian dabbled in religious affairs where he had no business being. He was easily swayed by those, like the Origenists, who wanted to prevent the condemnation of positions said to have been espoused by Origen and of Origen himself, so they tried to persuade Justinian to focus on the Antiochene school of Christology and the teachings of Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore the Interpreter, both of whom continue to be highly venerated as the Greek Doctors, along with Nestorius who was actually the smallest actor in the Nestorian struggle. And this Justinian did. Theodore of Mopsuestia died in the peace of the Church as did Diodore. Both were well known to St John Chrysostom who studied with Theodore.

St Cyril of Alexandria, well before his diatribe against the Antiochene School, said that "As Theodore believes, so does the Church believe." Pope Vigilius refused to condemn Theodore and was found in contempt of the imperial Byzantine court and we know the rest of the story. Nestorius was a friend of St Flavian who was beaten to death at a council by Miaphysites. Pope St Leo I was long considered a "Nestorian" by the Oriental churches because he was a "Dyophysite" or someone who affirmed two Natures in Christ. The Miaphysites affirmed only "One Divine-Human Nature" in Christ or "One Divine Nature of God the Word Incarnate" using St Cyril's words.

When Orthodox theologians in talks with the Oriental theologians pressed the matter, it came out that "Physis" or "Nature" for them meant the same as "Person" does for the Orthodox.

That is why, to the consternation of Orthodox theologians, the Miaphysites could, in the same breath, speak of "One Divine Nature of God the Word Incarnate" and then affirm that Christ's Divinity and Humanity were distinct etc.

Yes, the Apostolic Churches ought to be united. And yes, the social sciences should be brought to bear on historic theological issues to determine just WHAT theologians and teachers of old meant with their terminology and the relation between church and state.
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Re: Papal blessing parchment JBenedict 09/21/22 06:13 AM
The process is now usually handled online through the Office of Papal Charities' web site:

However, there's a declaration of eligibility of the person(s) for whom the Blessing is being requested.

With full responsibility and in right conscience that the person(s) for whom I am requesting an Apostolic Blessing

is/are Catholic
is/are living a Christian life in accordance with the faith and with Catholic morals;
does/do not belong to non-Catholic religious groups or associations or organizations that are publicly opposed to the Catholic Church;
does/do not cohabit; is/are not married exclusively civilly; or divorced and remarried exclusively civilly
is/are not under any canonical penalty legitimately applied or declared;
does/do not hold public office or public roles.

It is possible that by working through your local diocese/eparchy you might be able to get an exception to some of these rules. Requesting through the local diocese was t he process before this internet process was implemented.
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Re: Byzantine Logistics akemner 09/19/22 04:18 PM
The KC parish is excellent (but I am biased-it is my home parish). Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and Georgia have good parishes as well that are easily accessible from rural areas. If you are willing to do some elbow grease, I would not discount Iowa or Nebraska either.
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The Other Sacramental Mysteries Jump to new posts
Re: Melkite baptism theophan 09/18/22 07:45 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

Father Deacon Lance,

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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Dominum Deum Nostrum Papam Our Lord God the Pope? theophan 09/15/22 03:16 PM
Thank you for having me in here and for the explanation
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Re: Okay Western imports vs. latinizations Orthodox Catholic 09/14/22 07:41 PM
Dear Hutsul,

Brilliantly and succinctly said!

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Re: Queeen Elizabeth II Fr. Deacon Thomas 09/13/22 12:14 PM
Memory Eternal!

An excellent article about Her Majesty's faith by Chuck Norris:

The queen's top 10 statements about her faith in God []
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Eparchial & Parish Events Jump to new posts
Re: Archbishop Ihor (Isichenko): Rapprochement with the UGCC theophan 09/12/22 08:27 PM
On October 24, 2002, Yurchyk joined a marginal association of traditional Catholic Catholics. He was received by the Sedevacant traditionalist bishop Mark Pivarunas, . . . Bishop Yurchik professed the Catholic faith, . . . The next day, October 25, Yurchyk celebrated his first Mass as a Catholic bishop of the Ukrainian Rite. At a public reception on October 26, Bishop Pivarunas explained why he decided to accept the Orthodox Bishop Yurchyk into the Catholic Church, and Bishop Yurchyk, speaking through an interpreter, "expressed his gratitude for being accepted into the true Church of Christ." At the same time, as reported from the United States, Yuriy Yurchyk asked for 40,000 US dollars for his church.[3] At the Synod of the UOC-KP held on November 19 of the same year, Yuriy Yurchyk stated that the announcement of his renunciation of the Orthodox faith and conversion to Catholicism was a "slander and provocation" of the Moscow Patriarchate. Donbass under my (i.e. Yurchik's) leadership ". Furthermore, Yurchyk's revelation is an attempt to "distract believers from the growing crisis in the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate".[4]

Christ is in our midst!!

I suspect that the reason Father Yurchyk's reception was that of a priest is because of the timeline above. The back and forth of his journey in less than a month would have raised eyebrows in Rome and Rome's objection to his being received as a bishop.
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Scripture and Patristic Writings Jump to new posts
Re: Bible Chapters and Verses Fr. Deacon Lance 09/09/22 12:10 PM
Stephen Cardinal Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury is responsible for the chapter/verse division used today. The scroll theory is nonsense. Several books can be written on one scroll.
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Re: Jesus Prayer During the Divine Liturgy Orthodox Catholic 09/05/22 09:03 PM
The Administrator is more than correct on our responsibility to participate directly in all Liturgies and not do any of our own private devotions during those times.

There are two instances I've read about where we can and even should use the Jesus Prayer however and I leave it to the experienced judgment of others to comment further on them.

The first one is that if due to circumstances we find ourselves unable to follow the Liturgy or understand what is being sung, some Orthodox prayerbooks I've seen do teach that we can pray the Jesus Prayer quietly.

The second one is when we Cross ourselves during the responses. The full Orthodox liturgical tradition teaches a whole system of prostrations throughout the Divine Liturgy (I do have it and if anyone is interested, could translate it here).

We are to make the Sign of the Cross at EVERY "Lord have mercy" and "Grant it O Lord" etc. This is why old Orthodox prayerbooks suggest the wearing of loose fitting clothing as participation in the Divine Liturgy and other prayers constitutes some real physical effort!

At every Sign of the Cross, we may say quietly "+ Lord - Jesus Christ - Son of God - have mercy on us finishing with a slight bow and the Amen"

I tried this and the practice pulled me into participation in the Divine Liturgy in a way I've not experienced before.

There are also special personal prayers said at different points in the Liturgy. During the procession with the Gospel, we make a bow to the waist with the recommended prayer "Glory, O Lord, to Thy Holy Cross and Resurrection!" Certainly this and others are not a hard and fast rule (unless you are of the Old Rite or very traditional).
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Re: Prayers for Consistory Orthodox Catholic 09/05/22 12:22 AM
Christ is in our midst!

His Holiness the Pope has, in recent days, changed his tone for the better on these issues which is great. Many Years to His Holiness and may he fulfill his desire to visit war-torn Ukraine soon to encourage the suffering Church and people there!

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Re: For Metropolitan Joseph and the Antiochian Archdiocese Fr. Deacon Thomas 09/04/22 12:04 AM
His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph has always greeted and treated me with gentleness and respect.

In my new, Ordained role I must seek his permission in order to enter and Commune with the Clergy of any Antiochian parish, which he has never denied me.

Since my own parish did not serve Liturgy for the Feast of the Indiction I obtained permission to Commune at the local Antiochian parish. it was a great blessing, particularly with all this "mess" that is swirling around.
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Re: Prayers for Metropolitan Kallistos Ware Alice 09/03/22 07:23 PM
May his memory be eternal in the Kingdom of God. Amen. 🙏
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Re: Sts. Peter and Paul, Granville, NY Administrator 09/02/22 02:00 AM
I upgraded Neo to full membership so that he can PM.
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