While Browsing the Internet for websites related to Monarchy, I happened upon a forum that is for those hwo are formelry of the Churches of CHrist, and who have become Cahtolic.

I noticed a tend on the site toward attackign the CoC for really silly reasons, such as complaint sbaout spacific members not singign crtian songs because of theological differences and whatnot, so I registered and told them, respectfully, that htis was unhelpful.

Now Im somehow accused of baitign them into an argument, and they used the fac thtta I mad ea Jack Chick joke to accuse me of wantign to debate htem and tachthem the truth ect...

And of beign scripted.

Here is the thread I am in, its ht eonly thread I have htusfar participated in.


May I ask if I ome off as that bad?

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