The first of the Orthodox Regional Episcopal Assemblies has taken place, for the region of Italy and Malta.

These are the regions created by the July pan-Orthodox meeting in Chambesy...

1. North and Middle America
2. South America,
3. Australia, New Zealand and Oceania
4. Great Britain and Ireland
5. France
6. Benelux countries
7. Austria
8. Italy and Malta
9. Switzerland and Liechtenstein
10. Germany
12. Scandinavian countries (apart from Finland)
13. Spain and Portugal

I have heard that the first North American meeting is slated for May of next year.

There is no news of when the first one will take place for our region of Australia and New Zealand.

It will be interesting to see what impact these Episcopal Assemblies have on the life and administration of the Orthodox Churches in the diaspora.

Fr Ambrose