Hello all, I waned to know if there was a Catholic Bible on CD.

As part of my rouine of reading the Bible, I sometimes listen to it on CD instead, as I am dylexic and reading is sometimes problematic, also if ill I can do this far more readily than reading.

However, my Two Bibles on CD are the Authorised King James Version, one as read by James Earl Jones, the other by Alexander Scourby.

I love the KJV, and use it as my primary Bible. The one I specifically use is a Cambridge, which has the Apocrypha. (Deuterocannon, not called such in this book.) However, neither CD version I own contains them, instead they use only the 66 Books in the Protestant Cannon.

So I need a Catholic Bible on CD, however, the only one I can find is the New American, for a high price.

I don't really like the New American, and was hoping for he Reims-Douay, if such exists on CD. That way I can listen to it, or just use my KJV and it for the Deuterocannonical books.

Anyone know of any Bibles on CD that contain these books?