Here's the text of an email I received just yesterday from Austin Ruse, President of C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, about its new blog:

Dear Colleague,

Here begins a new initiative at C-FAM, a weekly roundup of important stories on our blog Turtle Bay and Beyond.

We started writing the Friday Fax because we knew we were witnessing things few people in the world would see. We started writing two Friday Fax stories per week because there was increasingly so much to tell. We started the blog Turtle Bay and Beyond (turtlebayandbeyond.org[/color]) [turtlebay.org] because we owe it to you and to posterity to tell all the UN stories we can.

So, every week, on Tuesday, we will send you a note about what is now up at Turtle Bay and Beyond.

Today you will find a story by Timothy Herrman on how Norway attacked religious influence in human rights debates at the UN. There is a wonderful response from the Holy See that he quotes in full.

Wendy Wright reports on how the UN Population Fund has awarded radical feminist Adrienne Germain their annual Population Award. Germain is one of the world's most aggressive campaigners in favor of abortion. But, doesn't UNFPA say they are neutral on abortion. They do. Yes, they do.

Our legal eagle Stefano Gennarini has a terrific piece on UN committees and the natural law.

Turtle Bay and Beyond is written by a team of experts from all over the world. You should check it out every day and send the stories to your friends.

Spread the word.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

PS You may be wondering about the title of our blog. Well, Turtle Bay is the name of the neighborhood in New York City where the UN is located. Turtle Bay is often used by UN insiders to refer to the UN itself. We write about the UN, to be sure, but also about the European Institutions and other bodies from around the world, hence the name "Turtle Bay and Beyond." Tell your friends!

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Peace in and out,