While I always questioned why Michael Champion left the Byzantine church many many moons ago and went Orthodox, I always found him cordial and reverent when I would see him at Uniontown every year at the Labor Day pilgrimage.

But this video made me almost fall out of my chair:

He used to be with this church (and maybe he still is for all I know):


It appears that Metropolitan Mykhayil Javchak Champion, the Metropolitan Bishop of New York and America for the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, has now 'come out' in New York and has a Liberation Theology parish and now goes by Monseñor Miguel José Champion.....it appears that his new parish combines hispanic Roman Catholic traditions with I really don't know what.....honestly I'm not being mean and I feel bad that it has come to this for him....it appears that he also is performing gay marriages as well for a while, I was just made of aware of it the other day (if you think I am jumping to conclusions please see these links)



All I can say is that I am stunned.....