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My critique is two-fold: one, about the tensions in American culture; and 2) that yes, I think it is difficult to live as and Eastern Christian in this country.

I've visited I think around a dozen or so Roman Catholic churches, two Ukrainian Catholic churches, and around six Orthodox churches from four different jurisdictions. Honestly I felt pretty comfortable in all of them and see a lot more in common than I see different. So maybe it's a matter of perspective and what you find important. I grant you coming in as an outsider to an Eastern Christian church is not something you generally just show up and do. It does probably take some additional time and effort to fit in with the community.

I believe the real cultural tension the Orthodox Church faces in my experience is the culture of indifference; and I mean this about the people who are already Orthodox and/or ethnically tied to the church. I am not condemning anyone believe me, but the fact is the parish is full on Easter, and it is barely a 1/4 full the rest of the year. When I drive to church I see people jogging, walking, working in their gardens, etc. I am not blaming them for anything, but that is the real cultural threat to the church in my opinion. That people just don't really care what happens to it.