Over the last 40 years, I have been observing and studying the original Russian Old Believer Church in Erie and have seen it transition from priestless to priested and from exclusively Russian to Russian American and multi-ethnic. Today, it is an active, vibrant and fairly large Russian Orthodox Old Rite congregation with a promising future. Part of the reason for that success is the dynamic, dedicated leadership provided by its pastor, Archpriest (Father) Pimen Simon, and the continued, active participation by its members in religious services and parish plans for the future. Here is a good example of that planning.

There will be a special parish dinner and meeting on Fri., Aug. 1, at 5:45 pm in the Church Community Center in order to discuss and approve the following two items:

1. An expanded list of parish council members to begin serving on Parish Council as of August 2. The purpose of this expanded list is to facilitate better communication among all parish organizations and to assure completion of tasks necessary for efficient and vibrant parish governance, activities and financial stability.

2. An analysis of the annual Troika Festival and a parish-wide assessment of thoughts/feelings on whether to continue this event in future years.

Members are encouraged to attend so that everyone can take part in the decisions regarding the ongoing governance and financial stability of the parish.