The Gates of Europe - A History of Ukraine by Serhii Plokhy

I received an email recommending this book about Ukraine. The following quote is a summary from the sender who is reading it. I asked for the reason Russia and Ukraine are different and NOT the same country:

The Mongols are why they
are (2) separate Slavic countries.
Mongols sacked Kiev in 1240, ended
Kievian Rus as united realm and
then recognized (2) principlalities:
Vladimir-Suzdal in Russia and Galicia-Voluynia in Ukraine. The
Russian part received the “Mongol
Yoke”, severely oppressive lasted
until almost 1600. Rule in Ukraine
less intrusive/oppressive over by
around 1350s. So get yer history
straight Putin, these (2) Rus Slavic
cultures had a common beginning
but during the Mongol dominance
the (2) cultures diverged some
because isolated from each other
and under different degrees of
Mongol regulation.

Ukraine after ca 1350 was influenced
politically by Lithuania-Polish
Commonwealth in whatever form.
Ukraine close to Poland, some
conversion to Roman Church,
Belarus more aligned with Lith.
No Muscovy involvement. Mid
1600s Great Revolt by Cossacks
regarded as foundation of the
eventual Ukrainian State. Still no
reunion with Muscovy.

Last PM read 1654 Ukrainian
“Hetman” made a deal with Muscovy
to help them fight the Poles. Uk
thought it meant alliance, Musc
thought the protection meant
Ukraine now under Tsar’s
authority and Kiev now under
Rus control again.
separate entities until this point.

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