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...there are parishes who give the Blessing of St. Blaise on his Feastday (as you stated)...and some Orthodox parishes at that. The Blessing of St. Blaise predates the schism and is among THE most ancient blessings in the Church. As such, there are Byelorusian and Carpathian and Ukrainian parishes here and there in the Orthodox Church that give the blessing, albeit with blessed candles and the hand cross. After all, St. Blaise was Bishop of Sebaste in ARMENIA...and that IS an Eastern country, right? So he was an Eastern bishop. It is interesting that wherever I've found this blessing given in Orthodox parishes, there is emphasis on his also being prayed to in order not to withold sins in the Holy Mystery of Confession as well as the more popular, patron of those with maladies of the throat.

I found recently this post about the blessing of throats that took place at St. Tikhon’s Seminary (OCA):

On February 11, 2020, members of the Saint Tikhon’s community gathered in the Saint Nikolai Chapel of the seminary building to participate in a brief service for the blessing of throats. Saint Blaise the Hieromartyr of Sebaste, who is remembered by the Church for saving a young child who had a fish bone stuck in his throat, is commemorated by touching two crossed candles to the neck after they have been blessed with holy water. The service is celebrated for the healing of any throat sickness or other ailment. In the East, Saint Blaise has been an intercessor for throat problems since the sixth century.

In attendance were seminarians, their families, faculty, staff, and even a hierodeacon from the Monastery. The Reverend Michael Shepherd and the Reverend Silouan Burns served.

Source. [orthodoxyinamerica.org]

Unfortunately, the article on the seminary website has been removed, so one cannot see the photos that were posted.