I just have to jump in. If I am over the line, then I invite the moderator to summarily chuck it. If it is too much of a rant, feel free to delete it and chastise me. I make no claim of speaking from the Spirit. This is simply my personal, and humanly flawed view. And I am no stranger to being the fool.

I am appalled at what I see some people writing here. There is a justifiable concern about rights. But I see a conservatism, both religious and political, that is devoid of responsibility to the society around it. I am sorry that the virus isn't deadly enough for some people's tastes. I really do not know how they ignore ERs and ICUs that rapidly get filled up to their capacity, and frequently over capacity to the point that patients get sent out-of-state. That is not your normal flu season. Don't crow about not enough deaths to make it worthwhile. It is the hard work of doctors and nurses and scientists that have resulted in the success rate we have, not any impotence of the COVID. And even with the medical marvels, we still have hospitals with morgue trucks outside. Do we have to wait until we're pressing Hormel meat trucks into service? Keep operating those medical units at over capacity for long enough, and you will not have the same medical success rates.

This is a mentality that has resulted in our nation, supposedly the most advanced, in having a wildly disproportionate amount of cases and deaths as a proportion of our population. Personally, when we have more deaths than India, a nation with three times the population, something has gone wrong. That does not scream "we care about our fellow man". What it does scream is "I don't care as long as it doesn't affect me or mine". It also comes accross as " Who cares, as long as it is the old and infirm". As if we do not owe a moral duty to the old and infirm or anybody but ourselves. Do we really offer a gospel that only blesses those in the Church? I see poeple that are so wrapped up in ideology that they cannot make practical decisions. I will borrow a statement from my Evangelical days. They are so heavely minded they are no earthly good.

There are many that lament the rise of atheism. I have to be honest, I am repulsed by some of these attitudes. When I speak with those that are non-churched, this gets thrown in my face. I can't answer it because, frankly, there is no acceptable answer to it. I cannot bring myself to defend the undefensable. It forces me to conclude that the atheism and agnosticism are on the rise because they have the very best of evangelists. Christians. This mindset is digging the Church into a hole. Please, stop digging!