I remember back in the 70s going to an automobile junk yard to get a part for my Ford Pinto. I noticed a number of cars that had very noticeable "spider web" cracks over the driver's side portion of the windshield. I asked the attendant, "why?" He told me those were from the drivers who were not wearing seat belts. They either died or got serious head injuries. It gave me the assurance I needed to do the right thing and always buckle up. The folks in my neighboring state of New Hampshire, long known as the "Live Free or Dieers" resisted this simple restriction on their personal freedom for a number of years. Eventually, they, too, noticed the "spider web" cracks. Is there a parallel to the masks we are being asked to wear? Of course people die in automobiles in other ways, but the wearing of seat belts has prevented a whole lot of head injuries and even deaths that would have occurred from less deadly accidents. As an old professor used to say to us: "A word to the wise is sufficient".