Thank you, Michael. It's about time a note of reality was injected into this thread.

The NVIC is an inept entity that masquerades as an official federal agency by the use of a name patently intended to convince readers of the truth of the manipulated data that it publishes. Were it still operating under its original moniker, Dissatisfied Parents Together, no one would ever look twice at the erroneous information that it uses to push its anti-vaxxer agenda.

By the way, distribution of the SARS-1 vaccine ended because the virus ceased to be a viable threat. There were about 800 deaths from the virus, worldwide, none in the US, where there were only 28 confirmed cases. The fact that SARS-1 produced symptomology almost immediately, as opposed to COVID, which often lingers, unsymptomatic and thus untreated, was a major factor in the quick elimination of SARS-1 by invoking quarantine and other measures. There were, in total, slightly more than 8,000 confirmed cases of SARS-1 recorded - of which 5,000+ originated in China.

Many years,