This article was posted two days before the Putin invasion of Ukraine: With war looming will Kyiv get a Catholic patriarch? []

While the prospect of a renewed Russian invasion in Ukraine is becoming a reality, the Vatican office which oversees Eastern Catholic Churches is considering a request that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church be given “patriarchal” status.

The move would highlight the historical and contemporary importance of the largest Eastern Catholic Church in the Catholic communion.

During a plenary session of the Vatican’s Congregation for Oriental Churches held last week, Archbishop Borys Gudziak, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparch of Philadelphia, presented a report on the possibility of establishing new patriarchates among the 22 Eastern Catholic Churches in communion with Rome, the archeparchy announced last week.

Sources close to the Vatican congregation have told The Pillar that after Gudziak’s presentation, members of the congregation were scheduled to discuss the prospect of elevating the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to a “patriarchal Church” — the highest canonical status possible for an Eastern Catholic, or sui iuris, Church.

It's time to grant the patriarchate! It's long overdue!

With the life of His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk in danger as he stays in Kyiv and the possibility that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) could undergo another wave of persecution, it's time that His Holiness Francis declares it official.