The phrase "the spirit of Vatican II" has been used to justify things that the documents of the Council had never intended.

Yes, the call of the Council was for the Eastern Catholic Churches to recover their authentic liturgical heritage and to "de-latinize".

Unfortunately, some of them (e.g., Maronite, Syro-Malabar, Chaldean, Coptic, Syriac) have undergone a "neo-latinization" or, as others put it, a "Novus Ordo-ization", such as:

1) shorter Sunday Liturgies and rites,
2) liturgies celebrated facing the people,
3) use of "altar girls",
4) use of electronic musical instruments not part of one's liturgical tradition,
5) use of statues.

A Russian Greek Catholic priest said to me jokingly that some of the most beautiful looking Roman Catholic churches are the Eastern Catholic churches.