Dear Friends,

Since the Pope is truly the most respected Church leader in Ukraine, a majority Orthodox country, why shouldn't the entire Ukrainian people be united within the Ukrainian Catholic Church?

When I suggested this as a possibility, an Orthodox priest whom I have known as a friend from before his ordination became very angry with me and gave me a lecture on courtesy saying that what I saidis a "provocation"and that if I cannot say something "nice",I should remain quiet. He also said the consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God (this Friday by His Holiness the Pope) is an "aberration." I told him that what is a real aberration is the Moscow Patriarch supporting Putin's war crimes against the people of Ukraine. Orthodox priests have told me that their bishops have said the patriarch of Moscow is self-excommunicated as a result - much like what occurred with patriarch Sergius of Moscow re: Sergianism.

What do you think?