Posted By: Reznut Anaheim Annunciation Temple Update - 09/26/05 04:27 AM
The picture below shows the dome with most of the mosaic tiles on it. Our new Justinian Byzantine cross that will top it off has already been delivered. The cross is not on the dome as of yet but we did have a cross blessing ceremony on September 18th. The cross is also mosaic but was made to reflect light since we cannot shine a light on it because of being on a residential street.

Go here for some new pics, which include the new cross: Reznut\'s Webshots Photo Albums [community.webshots.com]

Here is a glimpse of our temple with the dome:
[Linked Image]

In Christ, Michelle
Posted By: Pani Rose Re: Anaheim Annunciation Temple Update - 09/26/05 04:39 AM
Wow Michelle,

Thanks so much for letting us see the process that has taken place. It is beautiful.

Pani Rose
Posted By: Porter Re: Anaheim Annunciation Temple Update - 09/26/05 11:39 PM
It certainly is beautiful. How blessed you and Anaheim are to have such a fine dome and temple. Thanks for sharing the other pictures too.

Cheers and blessings to you, Michelle.
Mary Jo
Very impressive!

Father Anthony+
How wonderful! smile smile
Annunciation was the first Eastern Catholic parish I went to over ten years ago when the parish was still using Saint Catherine's Chapel.

I was there this past August, and am looking forward to seeing the interior of the new church.

Has a date been set for the consecration and opening of the church?

Posted By: Reznut Re: Anaheim Annunciation Temple Update - 09/27/05 07:56 PM
Originally posted by griego catolico:

Has a date been set for the consecration and opening of the church?
No dates have been given at this time. I think it's safe to assume it will be before Christmas. wink I definitely will post the information here once Fr. George has made an official announcement to us.

In Christ, Michelle
Slava Isusu Christu!

Hello all,

WELL... SHUT MY MOUTH!!!! biggrin

Today, I was told by Marya Weil (while in a teachers meeting) and confirmed by Mrs. Mark Brown (Mark is our deacon candidate and contractor liason), that we will most likely have Divine Liturgy December 11 in our new church. We will then have our St. Nicholas play/pagent in the parish hall... where we are currently raising the roof and churching it up!!

There are no guarantees that we can have Divine Liturgies in the new church prior to then. There are hopes for the End of November ~~~~ though Fr. George did not make any mention today about WHEN.... WHEN.... WHEN!!!!!

oh like he likes to remind us on occasion... it'll be done, when it's done!!

toodles & God bless, sUSAn
oops! lost that inner voice again. wink
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