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WOONSOCKET – When Tina Perkins answered the pounding on the rectory door, the pastor’s wife from St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
Flames had broken through the roof of the iconic granite church located at 74 Harris Ave., just 20 yards or so from the side door of the rectory.
“The firefighters were banging on the door, telling us to get the kids out of the house,” she said. “The back of the church was engulfed in flames. It got up into the roof and was coming through the rafters.”
Firefighters were summoned to the blaze just after 4:30 a.m. Wednesday by a 911 call which Perkins surmises must have been placed by a neighbor. The church has a fire alarm, she said, but it’s not hard-wired to the Woonsocket Fire Department.
“We didn’t hear it,” she said.
As the faint glow of dawn broke, the flames had been extinguished and smoke could be seen wafting from two charred gashes in the slate roof of the 70-year-old church. No one was injured.

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I pray for all the congregation, and for the community from this parish that they will find safety in the Divine Lord and for His tender mercy on all.
I pray that this tragedy will bring St. Michael's parishioners closer together, that they will successfully rebuild their church, and that working to rebuild the church's physical plant will contribute to a spiritual renewal for all.
So I read the cause of the fire was a smoldering charcoal briquet placed into a plastic garbage can. Any idea who placed the charcoal and burning incese in the plastic can that started the fire? Was it an altar server by mistake or did the priest mistakenly place the burning charcoal into the plastic can? I had originally thought the fire was caused by electrical problems but rather I read in numerous newspapers that it was caused by careless human error. is this true?
I missed this originally. Visited St Michael's once - a lovely church. Prayers for the priest and congregation.

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