Vechnaya pamyat!
"Coptic Christian priest killed in 'hail of bullets' outside Egyptian church"

Posted in Facebook Abouna Moses Samaan:
Today, the Coptic Orthodox Church gained yet another martyr. Fr. Raphael, a priest serving in El Arish in the Sinai peninsula, was gunned down by Islamic extremists and gave up his pure soul into the hands of Christ Whom he faithfully served. He joins the ranks of the martyrs whose blood has strengthened the Church. We mourn with his children, but we rejoice for him as a new martyr and proclaim, "Axios!"
Ya Raab ur'ham.

One more day of Ramadan, end coinciding with American Independence Day.

Ya Raab ur'ham. x 100.

Those peaceful Muslims strike again.
May the Lord God remember in His Kingdom the priest-martyr Raphael.
Eternal Memory!

May the Lord God instill into the hearts of all those who do not know Him the seeds of His presence, and grow those seeds into a saving faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Lord, have mercy!
May this new Holy Hieromartyr pray for us!

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