Mutual messages between Pope and Ru...ing signs of peace, respect to the world [catholicnewsagency.com]
Yes, this is good, but unfortunately we continue to focus on worldly issues: pacifism, human rights, condemning violence. This is not a good sign, it means we're not able to agree on anything importand on Church Unity, or there is no dialogue, or it's impossible or it's been stopped.
"The gestures and words of renewed fraternity between pastors of the Lord's flock show how ever more intense collaboration in truth and charity contribute to increasing the spirit of communion, which must guide the steps of all the baptized."

"I am convinced," he continued, "that one of today's priorities for our Churches, which have a shared vision of the many problems currently facing the modern world, must be the defense and affirmation in society of the Christian values by which humanity has lived for more than a millennium.�

�I hope�, he wrote, �that the rapid resolution of outstanding problems between our two Churches will also contribute to this end."

We must have read the same text and we got different impressions of the usefullness of such an exchange.

Many years to the both of them!

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