Posted By: Tammy The Leprechaun Delusion - 01/18/16 10:30 PM
I recently read this book from Amazon about how "New Atheism" is really just a new religion and a cult.

The Leprechaun Delusion: Revealing the Cult and Religion of New Atheism
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: The Leprechaun Delusion - 01/19/16 09:24 AM
I haven't read this book, but just wanted to note that one of the authors is someone who once was a Catholic of both Latin and Eastern Rites - he has since left the Church.

Although this book is obviously aimed at the "new atheism," the same author is very much against the Church, dogma and religion in general which he, in another publication, has treated as a 'pscyhological' problem!

Cheers, Alex
Posted By: Michael_Thoma Re: The Leprechaun Delusion - 01/19/16 04:55 PM
An interesting biography on that author.. it's a what'swhat of less than stellar institutions of 'higher learning'.. Universal Life Doctorate in Divinity - isn't that $39.99 via credit card or paypal? "certification through Alison" - that's a free online course website. Weird.. and "self-published" author. Nothing wrong with the last one, but not mainstream by any normal sense of the term.
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