Posted By: ast82401 Chlib Dusi - 09/04/16 05:19 PM
Does the Chlib Dusi book containe the full liturgy,vespers, and matins? I know it's a Carpatho Rusyn book but could I take it to a Ukrainian Catholic/Orthodox parish or use it at home? I know some of the words would be different, but I want to make sure it has the full liturgy.
Posted By: Zabdi Premjit Re: Chlib Dusi - 10/08/16 11:22 PM
The Chlib Dusi has the full text of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chysostom, as well as immovable portions of Matins and Vespers.
Posted By: ast82401 Re: Chlib Dusi - 10/09/16 11:05 AM
Thank you. God bless
Posted By: ast82401 Re: Chlib Dusi - 10/09/16 12:41 PM
Is there any place that sells the book anymore?
Posted By: theophan Re: Chlib Dusi - 10/10/16 03:39 PM
The "CHLIB DUSI" Orthodox Prayer Book(Reference #P-105)
Reprinted by Holoviak's Church Supply, Inc.

Simply Google the prayerbook and you'll find Holoviak's.

Posted By: bergschlawiner Re: Chlib Dusi - 10/14/16 11:48 AM
I bought a "Chlib Dushi" the Slovak Orthodox version at the cathedral in Presov. Has the exact same cover design,
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