Posted By: Dr. Henry P. State of Grace. - 03/18/16 05:16 PM
Roman Catholic moral theology teaches that when one commits a mortal sin, that person is not in a "state of grace' and cannot receive the Eucharist. What is the Byzantine Christian teaching on this because we receive the Eucharist ""for the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting."?
Posted By: Lester S Re: State of Grace. - 03/19/16 10:27 AM

Grace - or in Latin: Graci, to give thanks.
To be in a state of Grace, in the Eastern mind, if we want to stick with this notion, is to be in a state of perpetual thanks. To be in a state of "mortal sin," or in the Eastern mind - Grave (as opposed to Transgressions), is to be in a state of such disunity that confession is needed to restore one's communion w/ the community (the Church).

Having talked with peers, if one looked at the definition; and how it's applied, it takes a lot to be in such a definition. The falling from the mark is so deliberate, so intentional, that one falls down the path, that the Eucharist will only be to one's detriment (per the Pauline Epistles).

A good book to read, if not having read it, is Shown To Be Holy: An Introduction to Eastern Christian Moral Thought. It's affordable, and well put together. It has been recommended by others in this forum, too.
Posted By: Lester S Re: State of Grace. - 03/19/16 10:31 AM
In the Eastern mind, as long as we're repentant, and we consult our directors/directresses, spiritual fathers & mothers, Eucharistic reception will be for the healing of soul and body, and for life everlasting. Another good book, as prescribed by my priest: If We Confess Our Sins - fairly pastoral, practical approach to the practice of confession.
Posted By: Messdiener Re: State of Grace. - 03/19/16 10:34 AM
Lester, thanks for the book recommendations. Out of curiosity, where did you purchase the "Shown To Be Holy" text? On Amazon, only used copies are available, starting at $59.99.

As for the topic at hand, I have gotten into discussions on this and related topics a great number of times. I look forward to hearing more responses in the near future.
Posted By: Lester S Re: State of Grace. - 03/19/16 10:39 AM
Look up ecpubs, or Byzantine Seminary Press. I got my copy on loan, from the local Greek Catholic pastor. It has Fr Kurt Burnette's seal on it though. I'll likely return this, and other materials, in time. I'm still working on the Sacramental Mysteries: A Byzantine Approach by Kucharek..
Posted By: Lester S Re: State of Grace. - 03/19/16 10:43 AM
Byzantine Seminary Press has it discounted. Get it while you can! It's a very very very good book.

Posted By: bwbyzman Re: State of Grace. - 03/20/16 12:42 PM
You might also try God With Us Publications.
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