Posted By: rakovsky Prosphora is hard and dry - 01/22/21 09:10 PM
My prosphora from last week is hard and dry. I don't want to throw it out. Maybe I will put it in a small jar with 3 ounces of holy water to soften it and eat it.
Posted By: theophan Re: Prosphora is hard and dry - 01/22/21 10:52 PM
Christ is in our midst!!


Your solution may make your prosphora soggy. May I suggest two solutions that I have used with dry bread? One thing that has worked for me is to place the bread into the microwave for a few seconds; it seems to soften bread enough to be edible. The other solution is to put it into a strainer above about half an inch of water and steam it. In both cases, it's best to watch closely so that on the one hand it does not become even more dry and on the other that it gets soggy. IMHO, putting it into a jar with water will mean it will just act like a sponge, making it inedible.

Posted By: Utroque Re: Prosphora is hard and dry - 01/23/21 02:21 AM
I'd dip it in a small cup of kagor and enjoy it! smile
Posted By: rakovsky Re: Prosphora is hard and dry - 03/13/21 03:03 AM
I ended up just eating it plain without humidifying it. It was OK.
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