Posted By: Lizzy VH Mounting icon prints? - 06/03/21 06:41 PM
Hi smile

I'm Lizzy, I'm new here. Recent-ish convert, though because of Covid have yet to go to church smirk

I was wondering how I could mount a lithographed icon print? A frame seems... odd, kinda like treating it as just some random piece of art. I'm worried though, about damaging them if I just use like, an adhesive or something.

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(sidenote, how can i prevent text emoticons from becoming little pictures?)
Posted By: theophan Re: Mounting icon prints? - 06/03/21 09:42 PM
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Welcome to the forum. We hope your time with us is spiritually beneficial.

I have mounted icon prints and used a decoupage product . I have a source at a furniture manufacturer from which I buy ends of boards that are not useful for anything else--usually 8 1/2 by 11. I sand, stain, and bevel the edges. I then glue the prints on with a thin coating of wallpaper paste--just enough to make them stick; don't go overboard. The decoupage material I use is one that comes with two bottles-one the product and the other the hardener. The two mix and are poured onto the print. It takes awhile to harden. In the meantime, the material gets air bubbles that are taken out with a hairdryer held just far enough away so as not to make the thick material move off or leave uneven places when it dries.

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Mounting icon prints? - 06/07/21 11:32 PM
Hi Lizzy,

Welcome to the forum!

Bob has done a great job of explaining how to mount icon prints - much better than I could have (and I think I'm about to try his method - thanks, Bob!)

I'm going to tackle your other question, having been aggravated to no end at times by that same pesky problem (although I haven't really encountered it here, for some reason)

This is from a microsoft Q&A site, let me know if it works:

How to Stop Autoemoticons [support.microsoft.com]

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Posted By: theophan Re: Mounting icon prints? - 06/27/21 04:49 PM
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Lizzy and Neil,

I don't remember the name of the product since I have not done this in many years. However, you may be able to find this type of material in a crafts store. Be careful when you do mix the materials because they become VERY hot to the touch. Use a plastic container to mix it. I can also tell you that I have spilled the stuff on my basement floor and I can chip the concrete easier than getting it off once it hardens.

I use to do this in my basement but stopped when my furnace had to be changed. The old furnace had a pilot light in it and it gave off a minuscule amount of heat that kept the place dry. The new one does not have that and my attempts failed because the atmosphere was slightly damp causing an unsatisfactory result.

An additional note about this material. If for some reason the surface becomes scratched, you may put the icon in a warm oven and the material will soften up again and relevel itself.

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Mounting icon prints? - 07/01/21 07:05 AM
Thanks Bob - I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet because life keeps getting in the way, but hoping to get that chance soon

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Posted By: theophan Re: Mounting icon prints? - 09/21/21 09:10 PM
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Some of these new products save a lot of time. When I first began to look at decoupage work, people talked about applying as many as 22 thin coats of varnish over a print and rubbing them down between coast with very fine steel wool. Sounded like way too much work to me. The products I have used are one coat that is a little tricky to work with, but give the same finish as the 22 coat method.

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Mounting icon prints? - 10/06/21 05:25 AM

LOL - I remember when decoupage became a really popular thing back in the late 60s, early 70s. No matter how many coats one applied to whatever (wedding invitations were very popular for application of the medium), someone would be sure to tell you that you really ought to have applied at least 5 more - and definitely use that 000 steel wool between each and every coat! I'm sure there are still folks out there doing that - good luck to them!

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Posted By: theophan Re: Mounting icon prints? - 10/12/21 12:35 AM

My search for alternative methods is born of sheer laziness, I will admit freely. I am an impatient sort when it comes to multiple steps of the sort of those who did original decoupage. I can get two or three coats of varnish on a floor or in restoring a piece of furniture. But 20 to 22 is far beyond my limit.

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