Posted By: RAW Russian Icon?? - 04/22/22 11:46 AM
When the Moors migrated to Russia, many of them converted to Christianity. Can anyone help with the translation of this piece? I believe it to be Russian, however sometimes I lean towards Egyptian.

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Posted By: akemner Re: Russian Icon?? - 04/22/22 08:09 PM
This is the Nativity of John the Forerunner. His father, Zechariah is in the back writing his name. I cannot make out who the bishops on each side are. This is definitely Russian, and not Coptic.
Posted By: RAW Re: Russian Icon?? - 04/22/22 11:39 PM
Thank you so much Akemner. Any idea of the time it was made?
Posted By: akemner Re: Russian Icon?? - 04/23/22 09:00 PM
No real good idea. The hand positions are strange, as is the Crown on the one bishop. Probably mid to late 18th century, but a real expert would know, though.
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