In an effort to streamline some of the introductory material on our EC/OC Parish Directory's front page, and to make this companion info more accessible for linking to visitors here, I've moved this listing and made it a stickied thread/post.

Armenian Church Directory [armeniapedia.org] - Armenian Apostolic, Catholic, and Protestant churches, worldwide

Assyrian Church parishes [cired.org] - Worldwide, with some minor limitations, which are noted. Does not include parishes of the Ancient Church of the East.

Coptic Orthodox parishes [copticchurch.net] - US & Canada

Eastern Orthodoxy in America [orthodoxyinamerica.org] - Eastern Orthodox parishes in the US, Canada, & Mexico

Ethiopian Tewahedo parishes [ethrev.com] - Purports to include all in the diaspora, not confirmed as complete

Syrian Orthodox parishes [stmaryssharjah.com] - Worldwide, includes Malankara Syrian parishes

Malankara Orthodox Syrian (Indian Orthodox) parishes [stmaryscathedral.net] - US

Malankara Orthodox Syrian (Indian Orthodox) parishes [malankaraorthodoxchurch.in] - Worldwide (select a diocese from the menu on the right, then select parish directory from the menu on the right)

Anyone aware of other directories that are not duplicative (e.g., specific directories of GOAA or ACROD parishes would be duplicative as both are already available through the "EO in America" site) - such as ones that expand the geographic scope of any of the above - is invited to PM the link to me and I'll add it to the listing.

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The listing has been updated to include links to directories of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian (Indian Orthodox) parishes. Thanks to my brother and friend, Michael Thoma, for bringing the oversight to my attention and for providing the links.

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