It's been brought to my attention that Holy Resurrection Mission has relocated from Seymour TN to Knoxville TN. It is now meeting at

Holy Ghost Church
1041 N Central St
Knoxville TN 37917-6449

Schedule, map, phone, etc is here (our Directory entry).

Note that the info on the Metropolia's parish directory still refers to the mission being in Seymour and the weblink listed there is no longer valid for Holy Resurrection (it redirects to the website of St Thomas UGCC Mission in Knoxville).

Many years,



This is actually my primary reason for joining the forum--I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to contact anyone to update listings! Holy Resurrection unfortunately failed and no longer exists. St. Thomas UGCC is now the only Eastern-rite parish in Knoxville. I'm the webmaster for the church and should very much like to update our listing in the directory. Any pointers?
Ditto for the Iowa Outreach. We moved to a new location a year ago, have a different adminstrator and updated web site address and email

Byzantine Catholic Outreach of Iowa
1506 Isett Ave.
Muscatine, IA 52761
www.byzantineiowa.org [byzantineiowa.org]

Administrator is Father Tom Loya
Adam Kemner is still the main point of contact, though the Annunciation Byzantine Catholic office works too (this is the phone number on the Eparchy's website).
Christ is in our midst!!


Welcome to the forum. We hope your time here is spiritually uplifting.

I will send a pm to the member who keeps the listings up to date and have him contact you publicly in the Town Hall section.



Charbel Knox,

I have contacted Irish Melkite and I believe he will leave a message for you in Town Hall.
Thanks Bob, I’ll check the Town Hall.
Hi Bob, perhaps I’ve missed it, but I haven’t yet seen a message.
Christ is in our midst!!

You haven't missed anyone or anything. The member who used to do the updates hasn't been available lately. I'm sorry.

Please send updates directly to me, either via PM or by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. I'll get them them updated.

Please include the URL of the page that needs to be updated. Please include the "before" and "after" text for the update to make it easier to find. New text should include: State, City, Mission Name, Meeting Place, Website, and Contact Information.

There are two places where information is presented:

byzcath.org > References > Directories > Find-A-Parish
byzcath.org > References > Directories > Start-A-Parish

Both are way out of date, as our volunteers have been unavailable for several years now.

The old directory was out of date and the software that powered it was clunky. I have identified a new, responsive directory package, but need to get it installed. Hopefully, it can happen in the next few months. I am also planning to overhaul the whole website in order to make it useful.

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