Posted By: bwbyzman Ukrainian mission in Front Royal, VA - 08/19/15 04:36 PM
Beginning on Saturday September 12 at 4 PM a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic mission will be inaugurated in Front Royal, VA. The mission will be served by priests (and occasionally Bishop John!)from the seminary in DC. Divine Liturgy will be offered in the chapel at Human Life International. If any of you are in the area, please stop by and say hello! We are planning an agape after this first Liturgy, a tradition which we hope will continue. Please pray for the success of the mission! If you'd like further info, please contact David at eikonworks@gmail.com We are really excited in Front Royal!

Yes! I just heard about this today after Divine Liturgy at Assumption of Mary parish in Manassas. Do you have some numbers regarding how many you expect to be involved in the mission?

Sounds great!
Posted By: bwbyzman Re: Ukrainian mission in Front Royal, VA - 09/13/15 02:19 PM
Thanks be to God, the inauguration of our new mission was a resounding success. 65 attendees were counted coming forward for the antidoron! Several students from Christendom college provided a very creditable choir and the agape afterwards was delicious! Thanks for your prayers! It looks like a go at this point!
Posted By: Percy Gryce Re: Ukrainian mission in Front Royal, VA - 02/26/17 03:54 AM
Why is Assumption of the BVM of Manassas, Virginia, not listed in any directory of Eastern Catholic parishes? I've lived nearby for nearly two decades and never heard of this parish.

Posted By: bwbyzman Re: Ukrainian mission in Front Royal, VA - 03/06/17 02:01 PM
The parish in Manassas is on the list on the Philadelphia Arch-Eparchy web site, just very near the bottom.

The mission in Front Royal now has a name! Archbishop Stefan has granted us the patronage of Saints Joachim and Anna. We are really beginning to feel official.

Percy, if you are ever in the Front Royal area on Saturday at 4 PM, please drop by the Human Life Intl. chapel and join us for the Liturgy--and introduce yourself, of course! We are doing well--we generally have anywhere from 75-110 attendees, with an average age of maybe 15--a rather young crowd! Lots of large young families.

Also, we are able this year to have services on Good Friday--we will have the burial Vespers beginning at noon. So, if you are not able to get anywhere else on Good Friday, please join us.
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