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Hello all,

I have some questions about baptism in the Byzantine Churches. Lets say that two married Latin Catholics have found a home in one of the Byzantine Churches and have a child and wish to have the baby baptized in that particular Church. 1) Even though they are Latin can the baby be baptized in that particular Church or is there some sort of permission required from the Latin bishop (I assume that a child can be baptized in any sui juris Church but what do I know )? 2) If allowed, either by permission or if none has to be given, is the baby canonically Latin (even though baptized in that particular Church by the priest of that particular Church) or is the baby canonically part of that particular Church he or she is baptized in? 3) If the child of Latin parents is baptized can the child also be chrismated and receive Holy Communion? 4) Can the Latin bishop give permission for a baby to not only be baptized but also chrismated?


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Short answer: in the Catholic Church, Ecclesial enrollment of a child who is 14 years of age or younger is determined by the ecclesial affiliation of the ,Catholic parent at the time of the minor's baptism.

In the scenario presented, the child is canonically a member of the Latin Church. I don't know of any circumstance in which a Pastor of one of the parishes in the Byzantine tradition would not fully initiate the infant. No episcopal permission is needed.
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Deacon John Montalvo,

Thank you for your answer. So basically, any child of Catholic parents can be baptized at any sui juris Church and the child will be canonically a member of the Church of the parents? How about Chrismation? I know in the Byzantine tradition that when a child is baptized they also receive the other Sacraments of initiation. Would the child of the Latin parents also receive Chrismation and Holy Communion?

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Yes, the infant child of Latin parents who are members of an Eastern Catholic parish of the Byzantine tradition would receive Chrismation and Eucharist (the Precious Blood) at the time of baptism.

I noticed your name and location, are you near Albuquerque?
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In Albuquerque actually. About once a month, maybe once every 6 weeks, my wife and I attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I love the Divine Liturgy and Eastern spirituality. We are blessed to have a Byzantine Catholic Church in Albuquerque. It allows us to experience the Church in its fullness, both east and west.

I remember when I first even found out about the Eastern Churches. I've been on a journey east ever since (this was about 7 or 8 years ago). I could be a full time Byzantine Catholic. My wife loves the liturgy but does not get the same feelings I do when I'm there. I was an alter boy my whole childhood (Roman Catholic Church of course). There were three things that moved me when I served. First, we would always have that one priest that would chant/sing parts of the Mass for example, "May the Lord be with you," and we would all sing back, "And also with you," (that was before the new translation of course), the consecration, the Our Father and other parts. I loved it and wondered why other priests wouldn't. Second, those priest that would sing/chant certain parts of the Mass would also use incense. I loved it but always wondered by other priest wouldn't (only on Holy Days). Finally, we had a choir growing up that would sing, or at least did their best, to sing some sort of sacred music. I found all three the first time I attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help!

Sorry about the long response. All you asked was if I was near Albuquerque smile

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My spiritual Father, Fr. Brian, was the deacon at OLP for many years. (and served there as a priest for a time before coming to San Diego) The current pastor, Fr. Artur, is a blessing. He has such joy.
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Thanks for the reply Nelson. Hope to run into you next time I visit for Liturgy.
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