Posted By: Krysostomos Autonomy or not?!? - 04/21/09 07:52 AM
Has the Estern Rite Churches the Real Autonomy - when even the liturgical changes/ reformes must be accepted by the Pope of Rome?
It seems that many orthodox belivers believe, that eastern catholic churches are not real churches - but just branches of the Roman catholic church with a different liturgy, and that´s all.
Posted By: Fr. Deacon Lance Re: Autonomy or not?!? - 04/21/09 11:07 AM
Christ is risen!


Good to hear from you. Is the Ecumenical Center of SS Peter and Paul still functioning? In regards to your question: Autonomy, yes; Autocephaly, no.

Fr. Deacon Lance
Posted By: Krysostomos Re: Autonomy or not?!? - 04/22/09 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Fr. Deacon Lance
Is the Ecumenical Center of SS Peter and Paul still functioning?
Unfortynately the last byzantine-catholic priest in Finland, archpriest fr Robert passed away a few years ago. And the ecumenical center of Myllyjärvi is closed and the church of SS Peter and Paul is not in use.
There is now a seminary of the neo cathecumenical way in the building of the ex-ecumenical center.
Posted By: Athanasius Re: Autonomy or not?!? - 04/30/09 10:37 PM
fr deacon Lance,
if the Byzantine rites are autonomous or "self-legislating" but not autocephalous or "self-headed" how is it that things must still be approved by Rome such as married clergy? I can understand the concept of self-legislating in as much as their now exists a Code of Cannon Law for the Eastern Catholic Church (which I don't understand much as we have always had the Pedalion) but still things must go through Rome. It has always been a point of contention for me. It seems analogous to the position of the EP in relation to cannons giving it the highest point of appeal even to those cannonical orthodox outside its' jurisdiction. This concept too is a very sore spot amongst the Orthodox.
Subdeacon Jon
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