Posted By: RussianCath Sacred Gifts Bag? - 06/16/12 07:46 PM
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Glory be to Jesus Christ!

I was on ebay the other day looking for icons and found a Ukrainian Orthodox seller who had not just icons available for purchase, but other things as well-one of these was a red velvet bag, I'd say about 6" x 4", with an Orthodox 3-bar cross on the front, and the words, "Svyatiye Dari"-in Slavonic- (I hope I am "translating" correctly!) He was selling it as an "Orthodox Velvet Bag for Sacred Gifts".

What in the world would it be used for?-prosphora, relics, ?-I've never seen anything like this before.
(It is no longer for sale, otherwise I would have attached a link).

Thank you!

Posted By: RussianCath Re: Sacred Gifts Bag? - 06/16/12 07:49 PM
I forgot-the original picture also showed that it came with a red cloth-looking somewhat similar to what is used for distribution of Holy Communion.
Posted By: John of Patmos Re: Sacred Gifts Bag? - 06/16/12 08:05 PM
Is it the Greek equivalent of a burse?
That's my guess.
Posted By: Thymiato Re: Sacred Gifts Bag? - 06/16/12 11:08 PM
It is a cloth bag intended to carry the Pyx(which traditionally includes a tiny chalice and spoon). If you consult the Istok website you will find such articles for sale.
Posted By: sielos ilgesys Re: Sacred Gifts Bag? - 06/17/12 04:54 AM
This sacred liturgical utensil also includes a small drawer to hold a particle of the dried Holy Gifts; there is also a small bottle to hold wine for softening the particle before administration to a sick person (in the tabernacle they are as hard and dry as little rocks); and small tongs to pick the particle up and transfer it to the tiny chalice.
It's usually on a chain which enables the priest to carry it around his neck, on his person, under his regular clothes.
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