Posted By: amberpep Help with a question - 01/26/14 07:27 PM
Good evening. I have not been here for quite awhile .... but I knew this was the place to come with my question.
I have been a Western Orthodox Christian for 5 years now, coming out of an Evangelical/Charismatic background. In the winter, because of where my church is located, parking is extremely limited when it snows. Because I am 69, when it snows, with parking as it is, I cannot walk all the way to the church from the small parking area, that is, even if I could park there. I cannot walk through the snow.
There is a Greek Orthodox Church in my town, which I could attend when I could not attend my own church - they are Eastern Orthodox. At my Western Church we use the St. Gregory service, and we do not stand for the whole service, just for certain parts.
Would someone kindly give me an idea of what to expect should I visit the Greek Orthodox Church this winter. Or, if there is some writing that I could read. I can't buy a book because I'm on an extremely limited budget. I would like to know what the main differences are so that I can at least follow along during the service. Thanks very much.
Blessings and Peace,
Posted By: Fr. Deacon Thomas Re: Help with a question - 01/26/14 08:40 PM
Check your messages.

A good place to get started is:

Posted By: amberpep Re: Help with a question - 01/26/14 10:44 PM
Dear Thomas ..... I combed through the site, and many of the books I have. I don't believe they address my question of the difference between the Western Orthodox (NOT Catholic) and the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Posted By: Epiphanius Re: Help with a question - 01/27/14 12:34 PM

I'm not really sure of the scope of your question, but it sounds like you're worried about having to stand for the entire Liturgy.

Most of the Orthodox churches that I've seen do have pews, and those that do not always have chairs along the wall for the benefit of anyone who has difficulty standing for the whole service.

One thing I would recommend is that you meet with the priest at the Greek church before the Liturgy and explain that you are Western Orthodox. This will reassure him that even though you are unfamiliar with the services, you really are Orthodox and can be admitted to Holy Communion.

Deacon Richard
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Help with a question - 03/02/14 11:39 PM
I just now saw this - rather a month late - but I wanted to add a welcome back to you, amber (or, I guess I should say Barb smile ). It's been a long time, prayers that all is well with you.

By now, you've undoubtedly resolved the issue and like me, I suspect you're praying for a quick end to this seemingly interminable winter. My personal thought is that once St Patrick's Day passes, we might be in the clear - or nearly so.

Many years,


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