Posted By: theophan Foregiveness - 02/21/15 10:00 AM
Christ is in our midst!!

Please forgive me anything that I have done to offend any member of the forum this past year. I have entered into the Fast with my brethren who use the Gregorian calendar and I am remiss for not having asked for your forgiveness before today.

Posted By: Our Lady's slave Re: Foregiveness - 02/21/15 10:24 AM
God forgives as do I

Go in peace

Please pray for me a great sinner
Posted By: Lester S Re: Foregiveness - 02/22/15 02:08 AM
late, for them, early for us on the Julian! wink biggrin. So, there isn't a need to feel that badly biggrin. As God forgives, I forgive you. Please, forgive me - a sinner.
Posted By: Job Re: Foregiveness - 02/22/15 03:13 PM
God forgives as do I...please forgive me of anything I may have done
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