Posted By: JLF Orientale Lumen XX Conference - 05/06/16 08:46 AM
Our 20th anniversary OL conference will be held June 21-24, 2016 (only six weeks away) on the theme of "Creation: Our Shared Inheritance." We have posted videos of the Rome Reports story from last week, and excerpts of the 8-10 video greetings I collected from Church leaders around the world, on our homepage here:


You can register to hear the "rest of the story" of 30+ minutes of greetings and endorsements at the copnference, and the great lineup of speakers on the same website under Conferences, or call 703-691-8862 to register by phone.

Posted By: likethethief Re: Orientale Lumen XX Conference - 05/14/16 06:07 PM
You have a wonderful new website, Jack!!! Wow!

My huband and I attended a fantastic evening and next day presentation At Ascension Greek Orthodox here in Oakland in January "On Earth as in Heaven". Fr. Christopher Bender, Chairman, and Frederick W. Krueger, Executive Director of Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration [orthodoxwiki.org] were the presenters. Are you familiar with them?

I was in a study group in my RC parish of Laudato Si’. I had to voice my question at one point "How is our discussion different from one of the Sierra Club?" My ECC parish never ever looked at the Encyclical. Fr. Christopher, and Fred on the other hand knew the climate science down cold, and related to it with the fullness of our orthodox/Orthodox Christian nous.

Sadly the sessions occurred in the midst of one of the biggest rain storms this winter. Folks in the Bay Area are not keen on any kind of significant weather. Besides my husband and I, the Catholic presence, there were the two Cathedral priests and three others there. I wish it had been taped so others could benefit from the depth and breadth of what they offered us.

I encourage you to consider inviting Fr. Christopher, and Fred to the OL Conference. They would be a wonderful addition and would I believe be very interested in participating in any way if they are free to do so.

Posted By: likethethief Re: Orientale Lumen XX Conference - 05/14/16 06:10 PM
There is no option to "edit" my post. Perhaps something is going on with the Byzcath site. Couple of typos I would have corrected.
Posted By: JLF Re: Orientale Lumen XX Conference - 05/30/16 09:39 AM
Thanks for your suggestions. We already have our agenda set with speakers finalized.

This past week, I received the following video greeting from His All Holiness Patriarch Barthlomew for the conference next month.

We still have room for last minute registration at:


Posted By: Peter J Re: Orientale Lumen XX Conference - 06/03/16 12:48 PM
I apologize that this isn't a very timely remark, but I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the OL XVIII (2014) talks. I recall well how happy I was upon learning that the focus was on Catholic-Orthodox marriage. smile
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