Posted By: ZAROVE Septuagint Proverbs - 03/12/09 09:50 PM
I've been studying he Septuagint Recently, and have been in colelge so away from the forum, but came back to ask this question.

It seems one of my favourite passages in the Old Testament, Proverbs 4:7, is not found in the Septuagint.

I have noticed, however, that by removing Verse 7, verses 6 and 8 do flow into each other evenly.

4:1 Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. 2 For I give you a good gift; forsake ye not my law. 3 For I also was a son obedient to my father, and loved in the sight of my mother: 4 who spoke and instructed me, saying, Let our speech be fixed in thine heart, keep our commandments, forget them not: 5 and do not neglect the speech of my mouth. 6 And forsake it not, and it shall cleave to thee: love it, and it shall keep thee. 7 8 Secure it, and it shall exalt thee: honour it, that it may embrace thee; 9 that it may give unto thy head a crown of graces, and may cover thee with a crown of delight.

I was wondering what the explanation is for this, in the minds of those here.

I would also like to note that the following passage occurs in the Septuagint, but is not in the standard Mesoratic Hebrew text form which our English Bibles largely rely upon.

From Verse 27 (In bracket's the additional information I speak of.)

27 Turn not aside to the right hand nor to the left, but turn away thy foot from an evil way: [for God knows the ways on the right hand, but those on the left are crooked:] and he will make thy ways straight, and will guide thy steps in peace.

I am using the Sir Lancelot C. L. Brenton Translation from 1851 , so also wonder if this is Unique to his study, or if all Septuagint Texts lack 4:7 and add to the end the above line.

THanks for the help.
Posted By: ZAROVE Re: Septuagint Proverbs - 03/15/09 01:17 AM
So no one has address?
Posted By: IAlmisry Re: Septuagint Proverbs - 03/15/09 03:33 AM
The Orthodox Study Bible, which is based on the LXX, reads as you have it.

You can see the Greek here:

I can't get the New English Translation of the Septuagint to check it:
Posted By: Jakub. Re: Septuagint Proverbs - 03/16/09 12:26 AM
The Douay version...

27 Decline not to the right hand, nor to the left: turn away thy foot from evil. For the Lord knoweth the ways that are on the right hand: but those are perverse which are on the left hand. But he will make thy courses straight, he will bring forward thy ways in peace
Posted By: ZAROVE Re: Septuagint Proverbs - 03/16/09 06:07 PM
But what of the omitted 7th verse?
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