Posted By: father michael Symeon of Thessalonica - 04/14/14 10:42 AM
Has anyone ever come across English translation of Symeon of Thessalonica's On Marriage and/or On Holy Ordination?

Posted By: LatinTrad Re: Symeon of Thessalonica - 04/14/14 08:38 PM
Good question, Father . . . There was an article about him recently in an edited volume called Spirituality in Late Byzantium. I'm pretty sure Holy Ordination is in English, in a collection translated by George Dragas. You can probably google it.

In point of fact, I'm pretty sure ALL the works of Symeon were translated into Latin by some Bollandists or something . . . probably available online. Good luck!
Posted By: LatinTrad Re: Symeon of Thessalonica - 04/14/14 08:42 PM
Well I'll be darned . . . it's all online in the Patrologia Graeca, with Latin and Greek facing text. Not sure if that helps . . .
Posted By: father michael Re: Symeon of Thessalonica - 04/21/14 11:35 PM
Thanks. I was aware of the PG translations. I am looking for an English translation. I have Dragas' trans. on Priesthood (not the same as Ordination). Anyone else there that can help?
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