Posted By: Administrator Bible App for Smartphones - 03/10/17 11:43 AM
I have long used a number of websites that offer the texts of the Bible. BibleGateway.com and BibleHub.com are two of my favorites (but there are several more).

For the Fast I decided to spend time each day just listening to the Bible being read (starting with Genesis, but now in Exodus, which sort of matches the lectionary for the season). To make things easier I installed the Bible Gateway app for on my iPhone. I have found it to be very easy to use - you can read the Bible in numerous versions or listen in several versions (even a dramatized version). And the sound quality from the phone is quite good so I'm enjoying it.

To make things a bit different I'm listening to the KJV. I know that the KJV was translated with the intention to be read aloud. I must say that it is beautiful to hear.

Anyone have a similar experience?
Posted By: N Mosley Re: Bible App for Smartphones - 05/17/17 02:29 PM
When I was a teenager, I used to sit with a friend's grandmother while she listened to the Bible on tape. I can't remember specifically, but given our tradition at the time, it was probably KJV. I enjoyed that. I'll have to look up the Bible Gateway app.
Posted By: Mark R Re: Bible App for Smartphones - 05/18/17 04:43 AM
For a Catholic, I read the BIble often when I was a pre-teen and later drifted off.. Unfortunately, it was the NAB. I am sure a lot of the scholarship behind it was well-intentioned, but it is a rather tin-eared englishing. Later on I moved up to the Catholic RSV, but went into long periods of using the KJV. Had I begun with the KJV my reading habits would have been stronger and my memory of what I read better. Although I am of the first generation of Catholics, probably, who had a strong treatment of Scripture in school, it is unfortunate that it took the form of "baby higher criticism". I hold no brief for Protestantism, but of the many I knew with that kind of upbringing using the KJV and almost reading Scripture as "literature with devotion", the personalities and some of the verses would have stuck with me better. So much of the KJV pops up throughout English and American literature. Now that I attend Orthodox services the English readings are KJV, but the devotional daily readings I encounter are probably NKJV or Orthodox study Bible. If I had my druthers, it would be KJV all the way.
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