Posted By: Administrator Excellent “Bible in a Year” Study - 04/10/21 05:27 AM
Since the start of the New Year I’ve been really enjoying “The Bible in a Year” podcast with Father Mike Schmitz.

Fr. Schmitz is very enthusiastic. The 20 minute daily broadcast consists of Scripture (generally about two chapters from two different books), a Psalm (or a reading from Proverbs), a short prayer, and a study of what was read (important highlights and not an exhaustive commentary).

I am not following the readings with a printed Bible. I seem to retain more by listening. I am listening to the podcasts on my iPhone using the podcast app.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I have been listening to this podcast since it started, and it has been well worth it. I had previously read all of the New Testament, but getting through the Old Testament is a large, time-consuming task. I wasn't sure how I'd really be able to start and see it through. So, when I heard about this podcast, I began listening right away (through the Hallow app).

I agree, listening helps retain the words of Scripture. I don't follow along with the Bible either; the length is perfect for a ride to and from work each day. Fr. Schmitz's commentaries are very basic, but they are orthodox, and he highlights the most important passages of the day's readings.

Since this podcast is based on the Ascension Press "Great Adventure Bible," the theme of the quick studies each day is how the day's reading relate to salvation history.

This is my first post on this forum, but I saw the topic and wanted to echo what you said about the podcast.
Posted By: Nikephoros Re: Excellent “Bible in a Year” Study - 04/21/21 09:10 PM
I started listening to it a couple of days ago and I've found it quite enjoyable. I had read the historical books a few times but Fr. Mike has drawn attention to things I haven't noticed before.
Posted By: JosephS Re: Excellent “Bible in a Year” Study - 12/31/21 10:13 PM
If anyone missed it (like I did), or is interested in listening from the beginning, Fr. Mike Schmitz will be starting over again for 2022 beginning tomorrow: https://ascensionpress.com/pages/biy-registration
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