Posted By: Our Lady's slave Raymond - 03/31/08 12:14 PM
After being allowed home for four all too brief days ,with some of his favourite food and lots of good calorie laden snacks .I checked whether there was a bed avalable for him today.

Raymond is now back in Hospital and once more Chemotherapy starts tomorrow.

We now know what lies in front - and Raymond is frankly terrified.

Lord have mercy
Posted By: Ung-Certez Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 12:46 PM


Posted By: John K Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 02:27 PM
Continued prayers for you and Raymond...
Posted By: Marian Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 02:35 PM
May Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have much mercy.
Posted By: Edmac Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 02:48 PM
May the Most Holy Theotokos intercede for him.
Posted By: MelenkyBaba Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 04:37 PM
Just beginning the cancer journey in our family and will include you in our daily prayers.
Lord have mercy,
Posted By: Communion of Saints Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 07:47 PM
Prayers - may Our Lord give you both strength
Posted By: Alice Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 09:52 PM
Lord have mercy!!! Give strength to endure this treatment to Raymond, oh Lord...for without You we are nothing!

In Christ our Hope,
Posted By: Jakub. Re: Raymond - 03/31/08 10:29 PM
Prayers continue...

Posted By: harmon3110 Re: Raymond - 04/02/08 07:54 AM
Prayers continue, for both Raymond and you, and for all of his medical care, and for mercy, and for peace !!!

Lord have mercy !!!

May the Theotokos intercede on your behalf !

-- John

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Raymond - 04/03/08 05:27 AM
Prayers for Raymond, Anhelyna, and all their loved ones
Posted By: Edmac Re: Raymond - 04/03/08 09:48 AM
Posted By: tjm199 Re: Raymond - 04/05/08 02:27 AM
Christos Voskrese! (Christ is Risen!)
Voistinu Voskrese! (Indeed He is Risen!)

prayers, upon prayers, upon prayers.

Please reach out and protect this entire family, O Theotokas! Help them in their time of need.


Posted By: Two Lungs Re: Raymond - 04/05/08 04:21 PM
Father Walter Ciszek,
Apostle to Siberia,
Miner of souls in Norilsk,
Mechanic of souls in Abakan,
Pray to the Lord for our brother Raymond!
Posted By: Pani Rose Re: Raymond - 04/07/08 03:27 AM
Though I was not able to be online, I have prayed intensly for you both. God loves you!
Posted By: Our Lady's slave Re: Raymond - 04/07/08 03:45 PM
I was in the Hospital this afternoon as normal and Raymond was commenting that his bloods were starting to go down.

I have just had a message - he is now in a single room again.

His Chemo will be finishing on Wednesday evening this week and then the recovery period will start.

Lord have mercy
Posted By: Jakub. Re: Raymond - 04/07/08 06:41 PM

Is "bloods going down" good or bad ? Your terminology is a bit different on that side of the pond...

Prayers continuing...

Posted By: Our Lady's slave Re: Raymond - 04/07/08 07:53 PM
depends how you look at it smile

Bloods going down really means his white count [ those cells that fight infection ] are decreasing as they have been 'killed off ' by the Chemotherapy. This then means he has no resistance to infection.

That so-to-speak is the bad bit

The good bit is that this is what we want smile as the white cells are the ones mainly affected in leukaemia . The theory is that you eliminate them and then allow the body to start making them again and watch and see what happens - in some cases you get remission [ recovery with no leukaemic cells in the white cells ]after one round of chemotherapy . In others you don't and you have to keep persevering.

In Raymond's case some of his red cells are also affected .

with apologies for going so wildly off the prayer aspect of this forum
Posted By: Thepeug Re: Raymond - 04/07/08 09:50 PM
Prayers continue for you and for Raymond.
Posted By: byzanTN Re: Raymond - 04/08/08 12:22 AM
Prayers continue.
Posted By: Pani Rose Re: Raymond - 04/09/08 04:20 AM
Lord of Powers be with us, for in times of distress we have no other helper but you. God of Powers have mercy on Raymond and OLS.
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